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Dark Web: X-Men #2 (of 3)

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Reunited and it feels so bad! Some reunions – like those with an evil ex who rules a dimension of demons – are not so great.

Sometimes even having your AMAZING FRIENDS at your side isn’t enough to save things.

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    But Why Tho?

    Dark Web: X-Men #2 is a great inclusion to the crossover. It features fantastic writing and phenomenal art. The book changes the face of the whole story by going from a spiritual Inferno sequel to a unique book that is the culmination of years of pain and heartbreak. Noto and Reis are an artistic match made in Limbo, fitting together seamlessly. The tie-ins of this crossover are being allowed to zone in on smaller parts of a larger, cross-dimensional tale that constantly adds more.
  • 96

    Comic Watch

    Dark Web: X-Men #2 is an excellent example of the symbiosis that two artists can achieve working on an issue together, building off a strong script to deliver a cohesive and visually compelling story. Duggan captures the heart of the X-Men, drama and all, with this issue, weaving a complicated backstory and character development into a thematic core that becomes reflected in the artistic sensibilities. Noto and Reis are a perfect combination for this issue, utilizing both the former’s signature organized, painterly style with the more chaotic, expressive storybook approach the latter developed. Like the X-Men tie-in for Devil’s Reign, this series continues to be an excellent place for X-fans to see the team grappling with their place in the Marvel universe, while also sorting out elements of the X-line.
  • 90

    With a sure-to-be thrilling throwdown on the horizon, I simply can't get enough of this series, and if you're keeping up with "Dark Web" it's an absolute must.
  • 80


    Dark Web: X-Men thrives when it embraces the camp of the original Inferno.

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