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Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #2 (of 2)

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Caught in the explosive events unfolding across New York – including a face-to-face confrontation with Chasm himself – Kamala Khan finds herself teleported to Limbo, the domain of the Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor!

As the city descends into chaos that threatens everything and everyone Kamala holds dear, she’s left with no choice but to call on Miles Morales for a helping hand!

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23 pages
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  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #2 is just a hell of a lot of fun. The comic could easily stand on its own, having little to do with the greater event. Even if you’re not interested in it, this is a two issue series that’s worth picking up to just sit back and enjoy.
  • 70

    Multiversity Comics

    A good mixture of emotions helps pull together the threads of an amusing, mostly self-contained piece that could almost be a one-shot in and of itself.
  • 55

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    While Ms. Marvel is a compelling character, this duology didn’t seem vital to the broader Dark Web storyline or to Ms. Marvel’s ongoing story. Miles Morales as Spider-Man visiting was a nice Touch. The art was visually pleasing though.
  • 50

    This miniseries reminds readers of the ongoing potential of Ms. Marvel as a leading heroine, but fails to make the concept sing as it so often has.
  • 45

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #2 is an embarrassing misstep in an increasing number of embarrassing missteps for the Dark Web event. The plot is a random collection of events strung together, there's nothing in this issue contributing to the Dark Web event as a tie-in, so there really isn't much reason to read it.

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