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Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 (of 2)

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You know her, you love her! But this time, Kamala Khan may be in over her head. Fresh off her first few weeks working as an intern at Oscorp, Ms. Marvel finds herself as the last line of defense against a bunch of deadly and dangerous experiments going HAYWIRE thanks to the Spider-Epic DARK WEB! Things get even worse when Kamala finds herself in Limbo with no choice but to fight her way out!

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    Comic Watch

    Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 is a strong start to the limited series, and is a vibrant reminder that Marvel is wasting time not having a Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel book at all times. The character draws wonderful talent, and the team on this issue is no different. Pirzada’s script creates a strong thematic throughline thanks to the flux of the Kamala character, using it to springboard into an investigation of what Kamala wants, and what her next steps should be. The choice to bring in a classic Ms. Marvel villain like the Inventor is also an inspired choice, channeling Kamala’s history while allowing Mortarino to give the character a whole new look.

    Those elements in conjecture with the cinematic artwork and radiant coloring from Sánchez-Almara give this book a prestige feeling and could be a strong foundation for a future run with the character. Even Ms. Marvel fans not caught up with, or interested in Dark Web should give this issue a chance, to see Kamala Khan in a new and exciting place.

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    Ms. Marvel: Dark Web #1 accomplishes what every successful event tie-in comic does: It’s a piece in a larger story with big stakes and grand action, while also staying true to the titular character and giving them meaningful character moments and development. The comic also includes what fans of Ms. Marvel love about her, while also bringing in new elements to her world. Also, while it is best read in conjunction with the rest of the Dark Web event books, it can easily stand on its own. If you are a longtime Ms. Marvel fan, or just now looking to start reading more about the character, this is an absolute must-read.

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    Graphic Policy

    or too often spin-offs for events feel like a slight cash grab. Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 is far from that. The story is excellent and art solid creating a combination that makes this a comic that can be enjoyed on its own even without reading the event. It balances everything really well creating an experience that welcomes new readers and those heavily invested in what’s going on. It actually makes me want to go back and read some of Kamala’s adventures. I’ve done that here and there but this makes the case I’ve really been missing out.

  • 60

    The portrayal of Kamala’s powers and quick action ensure that this “Dark Web” issue captures the familiar thrills of a solid Ms. Marvel tale, even if it reads as being a largely insubstantial contribution to a character and event capable of delivering much more.

  • 45

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    A forced tie-in to Dark Web. An “eh” story with decent art. Doesn’t feel critical to many event story though. 4.5 out of 10 on the strength of the art not story.

  • 40

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 is a lot of pointless fluff and nonsense that contributes absolutely nothing to the Dark Web event. The issue is primarily random, slice-of-life events that don’t grow Kamala Khan’s character or elevate Ms. Marvel as a hero. The one scene that ties this comic to the plot of Dark Web was already shown in Dark Web #1, so this book is a waste of time and money.

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