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Dark Web Finale #1

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Based on 10 critic ratings.

The dawn rises after the demonic invasion of New York City, but what will that light reveal?

It will reveal Chasm’s final gambit and the new denizens of Hell he helped create and unleash on Spider-Man and the X-Men!

See how Dark Web changed this city’s landscape forever!

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34 pages
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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Dark Web Finale #1 closes the crossover with consistency. It goes out with the same energy that it came in with. It is clear on every single page that these creators love comics. This is a celebration of the characters and the format. Its so enjoyable to read, with lovable characters and fights full of excitement. And yet the story is meaningful, carrying massive consequences. Its a very rewarding comic and one that was a delight to read.
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    A really fun issue with some sadly typical issues in comics.
  • 80


    In the end, Madelyne Pryor has shown that she's here to stay and her new Limbo embassy ensures that her realm can no longer be ignored by the larger Marvel Universe. This fiery and fun finish to the Spider-Man/X-Men crossover brings the action, the team-ups, and the reveals that are sure to satisfy fans of either franchise. Dark Web Finale #1 is weird and yet still solid superhero storytelling that can be enjoyed over and over again.
  • 80

    First Comics News

    The Spider-Man/X-Men crossover comes to an end with this double-sized finale that wraps everything up. yes, Ben Reilly gets his comeuppance (**NO SPOILERS**); The conclusion doesn’t leave out the X-Men due to Zeb Wells doing a great job of giving every character time to shine yet keeping things fun and lively as it races towards the ending; Dark Web may have had its ups and downs, but I can not deny the fact that the finale wrapped up all the plot threads that will leave the readers satisfied and who knows, one of these days we might get a sequel. “Dark Web 2”- Marvel will make this happen sooner than later.
  • 72

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Wells brings the story to a satisfactory conclusion with a story that has some great comedic moments. While the premise still has some huge problems, they story manages to at least put Madelyne on a path to being a more interesting character, but leaving Ben as the same whining child that he has become. The Art: All of the artists deliver visually thrilling and beautifully detailed moments throughout the issue.
  • 70

    The hits are played and storylines closed out with some solid action beats and character notes, but nothing that will leave readers who gave the past few months a pass feeling as though they missed much. Given the promise, fun, and scale on display throughout much of "Dark Web" that can't help but feel a little disappointing.
  • 70

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    A satisfying end to the series, but with no Black Cat or Mary Jane Watson proves that at least one-time tie-in series was not relevant to main plot. At least Gold Goblin and Ms. Marvel popped justifying their tie-ins. I still enjoy the macabre kinship between Madelyne Pryor and Ben Reilly and the new status quor for Limbo in NYC. Decent story and solid art.
  • 65


    If you’re looking for something deep and emotionally resonant, unfortunately this isn’t it. But a fun action story, with an interesting twist or two? This is a great one-shot for that.
  • 45

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Dark Web: Finale #1 ends the event the way it began – with bad humor, nonsensical plot points, and weird creative choices. If ever there was a case to say an event didn't need to exist, this is it
  • 0

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    The art was good and there were even some really funny panels, but it couldn’t save this issue. It felt like Wells didn’t really care for this event or that editorial changed it around. Who knows. It seemed more like an X-Men book than a Spider-Man book. We don’t even know what happens to Felicia and Mary Jane! We got more answers in the spin off series to Dark Web for this big “Mystery Box” than we did in the main event. For me, Crawlspacers, this was not worth the hype or wait. I suppose you could consider this a follow up to the end of the Beyond Event. This just failed on so many levels.

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