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Dark Spaces: The Hollywood Special #2 (of 6)

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There’s a monster lurking outside of Minersville, and he’s tired of hiding. Everyone thinks Viv’s crazy. Delusional. That she didn’t see what she saw. Everyone, that is, except the locals. Vivian copes the best way she can—with a visit to the local watering hole—but it’s what happens after that changes everything. The Mismatch Man is hungry, you see… and Vivian’s many wounds have never healed.

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  • 83

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Lambert creates a dark, thought provoking and engaging story in this issue. Vivian is an interesting character and I continue to enjoy how the events she is experiencing are connected to her personal pain. There is a great dark energy to the story that feels both otherworldly and personal. I’m interested in seeing where this story goes next and how dark it gets.

    The Art: Roe delivers some beautiful art in the issue. The visual tone of the art is perfect for the story and captures the dark, emotional moments brilliantly.

  • 70

    Dark Space: The Hollywood Special #2 has some brilliant artistic transitions. The early pages set an early baseline for the era the story takes place in, illuminating shapes and characters in a way that speaks to the gilded age of it all. The transition to blacklight-style colors on more fluid objects during Viv’s strange trip is, appropriately, as disorienting to the reader as it is to the character, making it feel as if they’re journeying with her. Where she ends up, whatever place she’s found herself in, looks duller, shaded with earthier tones, a far cry from where she started. It’s hard to say exactly where she is. The story continues to keep its secrets, and that’s a bit frustrating. As with the first issue, this installment will draw you in but throws a surprise twist at the end, creating a sense of disorientation. A strong enough follow-through in subsequent episodes will make it worthwhile, but it’s hard to know what you’re investing your time into.

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