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Dark Spaces: Good Deeds #6 (of 6)

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After saving the day at the commencement ceremony, Cheyenne and Rebecca are now heralded as town heroes.

Everyone is preparing to celebrate at the diner for a town-wide party.

It even seems like Jean is going to finally break her big case… but the secret she discovers will change everything.

There are still deeds that have gone unpunished, but punishment is coming in the shocking conclusion to Dark Spaces: Good Deeds.

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    The conclusion to Dark Spaces: Good Deeds reads like watching the end of a Twilight Zone episode on fast-forward. Che Grayson held so much about the story’s truth back that makes the preceding five issues feel almost superfluous. A great surprise ending might make you reassess the story that preceded it in a new light, and Good Deeds #6 does that, but in a light that leaves you wondering why you were reading that story instead of the one revealed here, which feels entirely different than the previous installments. There’s a sense that the focus was placed on the wrong characters or even the wrong aspects of the right characters. While Kelsey Ramsay’s artwork has been strong throughout, it’s only now that the story plays into their strengths with grisly transformations and moments of visceral horror. Unfortunately, the themes of the story are muddied through this rushed conclusion, which feels more like a first draft that should have been assessed and led to the story being rebuilt from start to finish. The finished product simply doesn’t live up to its potential.

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