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Dark Ride #2

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Overwhelmed and cut off from her ghosts, a badly-injured Bibi takes desperate measures to confront Morrow before they can take control of Chinatown. But she’s unprepared for the firepower of their latest creation, or just how far they’re willing to go to take her down.

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  • 90

    In the wrong circumstances or the hands of the wrong creative team, Dark Ride could easily become a gratuitous, gimmick-infused horror parody. But if these first two issues are any indication, the end result is something genuinely engrossing, bouncing back and forth in its web of horror with a a largely-effective ease. Williamson’s script makes its ever-growing ensemble of characters just bizarre, but authentic enough, and Andrei Bressan’s art balances the horror with a sense of whimsy. So far, Dark Ride is proving to be an emotional roller coaster that’s worth riding.

  • 90


    Dark Ride keeps getting darker. That’s not a bad thing at all especially with this creative team. This issue serves as a second beginning for the series as sibling rivalries and rescues take center stage along with one or two shockingly dark moments.

  • 90


    More than enough is working in Dark Ride #2 to make it an easy recommendation. The inventive horror park, the mystery to uncover, and the colorful children of the park’s owner amount to a narrative you won’t want to tear yourself away from. Dark Ride haunts with its unsettling mystery and enthralls with superb imagery.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Entertaining, dark and engaging, Williamson continues to craft an interesting world with characters that I want to know more about. The mystery within the story is intriguing and is one of the reasons I came back to read this issue. The world of this story continues to be interesting and I look forward to seeing where the story goes next.

    The Art: Bressan delivers some beautifully dark and disturbing imagery throughout the issue and I love the visual aesthetic of this series.

  • 86

    Comic Watch

    Overall this series has solid promise for the future. Dark Ride #2 took me into a new world of fear, thrill, and doubt that I wasn’t expecting. I will be following each creator for more of their work. I am in for a good time if it’s anything like this.

  • 84

    Graphic Policy

    Dark Ride #2 is a fantastic second issue. There’s a great mystery here but it also delivers levity and grounded situations we, the readers, can relate to. It could easily have gone all in on the horror aspect but it’s clear the creative team has something greater planned for us. This is a series to dive into before it’s too late!

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