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Dark Reign: The Cabal #1

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Generally unfavorable ratings

Based on 3 critic ratings.

Learn how each member of this sinister syndicate intends to realize their own dark plans–and perhaps how they intend to deal with each other should it prove necessary!

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42 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Reign: The Cabal definitely has its moments, but for the most part any reader mildly interested in the group or the “Dark Reign” drive could easily miss this one-shot and still be in the know. Those who do fork over their hard-earned $3.99 will find some great artwork and a fun story or two amidst a worrying number of duds.

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    Weekly Comic Book Review

    The good outweighs the bad, but nothing in the Cabal one-shot is all that essential. It’s worth reading for fun or if you just enjoy the characters, but you won’t miss anything if you choose to pass on it.

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    Major Spoilers

    The last story ends with a teaser to check out Thor #601 to find out more on what’s going on. This annoys me in a number of ways, actually.. First, I dislike when a book like this is so blatantly designed to get me reading another title. Second, it’s not really Thor #601. And Third, this Doom and the Doom from the first story don’t seem to exist in the same reality, and I preferred that Doom characterization over this, even if it was all a dream. Our Joe Bob totals: Good story turns out to be imaginary; Okay story serves mostly as history lesson; Pretty good story undermined by main character; Okay story hampered by “Where does this take place and why do I suspect we’ll never see this kid again?” syndrome; And finally, nice character bits used as bait to pull me into a new book. We’re looking at some great art in this issue, from Adi Granov, Daniel Acuna and more, and some nice writing as well, but the overal effect is just above average. I like seeing more depth with books like this (especially since the Big Two don’t put it in a lot of the regular books anymore, going for “widescreen” over tight character focus) but this one is up and down like a roller coaster.

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