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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 (of 7)

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Spinning out of the pages of The Flash.

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    When fans and critics debate the most visually-appealing comic book event series, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths needs to be in the conversation for the top spot. Every page and panel is breathtaking, and you can tell how much detail went into each artistic choice. Other highlights are the talk between Nightwing and Alan Scott is both depressing and inspiring, a fun fight between Deathstroke’s army and the Legion of Doom, and a finale that leads right into the event’s updated name change.

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    Fortress of Solitude

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    But Why Tho?

    Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 has everything an event issue needs. It has some characters rallying to arms and some shrinking under the pressure. It has unlikely allies being made to face horrific, monstrous enemies. It has shining beacons of hope before that is submerged in darkness. The art is jaw-dropping and the battles are intense. And then an ending that could threaten everything on a universal scale. The name change of the event has just elevated the stakes to an extreme level.

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    The issue advances the story and gives you spectacular moments and fights. There is a build-up for Pariah’s actions; here, we see his master plan advance, which is quite the scene for us. Williamson gives us a new significant moment in the history of DC Comics. This issue flowed so nicely with the creative team in such sync that you would think they have been working together for years. I know this makes waiting for the next issue much harder, but this story’s potential excites me! Please don’t wait on this one; pick it up as soon as possible!

  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    This issue didn’t deliver many answers, but the series still has plenty more months left. With the creative team intent on delivering a massive and memorable spectacle, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths remains a very enjoyable and essential read for DC fans.

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    Geek Dad

    Halfway through this event, the heroes are still scattered across this world and beyond, but the divergent plots don’t make this any less compelling. Hal Jordan faced off against the forces of Pariah and the Great Darkness and somehow survived—and now he’s found himself on John Stewart’s perfect world, met with construct versions of his closest friends. He’s massively outmatched—but he’s not alone, as Barry Allen has broken free of his lotus-eater machine and is seeking to free the rest of the League as well. The two of them make a break for it and eventually find their way to Batman’s world. We haven’t seen this one yet, but it’s hard to imagine how this gritty steampunk world would be anyone’s ideal world—although Batman isn’t any hero. He’s a little disturbed, and the brief glimpse we see of him seems to lean into that. But as exciting as these adventures are, we haven’t even seen Earth-0 yet.

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    Firstly, what incredible art by Daniel Sampere. This is a dense, complicated story, with frequent location changes and dozens of characters coming and going. Sampere nails it completely, as well as laying out some beautiful pages and individual panels. It’s eye candy for the soul. Williamson writes a solid issue, one that is pulling together all those threads that have been carefully laid out in all areas of the DC Universe. That final page is the cherry on top of a pretty fine slice of cherry pie. It fell just short of greatness for me, but was still a very very good comic book.

    Top of the pile good.

  • 90


    The midway point of DC Comics’ latest crisis event and another action packed issue that swings from one dramatic scene to the next with great gusto. Although there is the odd quieter, contemplative scene too as we learn more about the effects of this multiverse wide crisis on the DCU.

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