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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #0 (of 7)

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Dark Crisis from Joshua Williamson (The Flash) and Daniel Sampere (Injustice) has been in the making for 30 years and officially kicks off on FCBD with Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition. The Justice League is comics’ greatest super-team—made up of DC Comics’ legendary Super Heroes, they have saved the world countless times. No crisis was too much for them to handle…until now! The Justice League has been defeated by the Great Darkness and its army of DC’s most dangerous enemies—now a new generation of Super Heroes must rise to protect not only the Multiverse…but also the legacy of the DCU! Includes a preview and art from Dark Crisis #1 coming in June!

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    The Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition gives every indication that DC’s summer event will be phenomenal. This small taste makes it clear that Williamson and Sampere are capable of giving us a truly memorable story. It’s free, so there’s little excuse not to check it out. You won’t be sorry.
  • 86

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Dark Crisis #0 is a free comic book that should interest readers on the fence about this event. Williamson uses this issue as an opportunity to showcase his ability to write many different DC characters. We start to see who the next generation of heroes will be in these little preview issues. Dark Crisis will be a tragic time in the DC universe, but Williamson shows us that our planet is in good hands.
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    Dark Knight News

    Dark Crisis #0 is fine, but not Earth-shattering. When I teach my students how to write an essay, I always tell them that they need to lead with a hook: something that’s going to grab the reader’s attention. DC didn’t quite manage that here for readers who are caught up, for those coming in cold though, they may love it. Usually, for the Free Comic Book Day issues, DC produces something exciting that’s often jaw-dropping. Dark Crisis #0 doesn’t quite get there, as it provides little in the way of new, important information about the upcoming event. For fresh readers unaware of Justice League Incarnate or Infinite Frontier, then this issue’s well worth grabbing. Final Verdict: It’s free. While I’m all prepped for the main event, fans who missed the entrees will be bagging themselves a treat. For those already in the know though, what do you have to lose in picking up a copy?

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