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Daredevil: Gang War #4 (of 4)

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There are not many characters in the Marvel Universe with the determination, grit and guts to outmatch Elektra Natchios, A.K.A. the Woman Without Fear DAREDEVIL – but in her far-reaching, bloody campaign to conquer New York, Madame Masque has done just that!

With a blade literally at her throat, it will take all of Elektra’s resolve to save not only herself, but her neighborhood… and the toll will be incredibly high!

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    Daredevil: Gang War #4 manages to deliver one genuine surprise in its final issue but seems uncertain what to do with it. Most of the issue is comprised of Elektra Natchios’ monologue running in captions parallel to paint-by-numbers tie-in fare, flashbacks, and a final showdown. Yet the interactions with both Spider-Mans and pages of Elektra’s own training seem largely disconnected from the story being told. The same is true of her denouement declaring Hell’s Kitchen as her home – a sentiment with no thematic or narrative connections to the specifics of this story. The climactic battle is largely a series of cool concepts depicted well in Daredevil’s costume but lacking much tension, although the final page paying homage to iconic Daredevil is quite effective. But the few that follow it are utterly baffling and makes it difficult to recommend this miniseries.

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