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Daredevil: Gang War #3 (of 4)

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For the first time in her life, Elektra may be out of her depth!

With the city engulfed in violence and chaos, she’s the only thing standing between the people of Hell’s Kitchen and a bloodthirsty criminal conspiracy!

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  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Daredevil: Gang War #3 is pushing its key characters closer. The agony both women have endured and unleashed on others ties them together. Elektra picked up on that similarity when she first laid eyes on Bellona and has been trying to save her and stop her from harming others for the entire time. Whilst it is deeply connected to the main book, there is constant communication with the other heroes. Daredevil has demonstrated that she is capable of protecting Hell’s Kitchen on her own. The others have had help, and Elektra has truly proven herself.
  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 40

    Each sequence in Daredevil: Gang War #3 reads as if there were an accompanying narrator saying, "and then this happened." The story ties into "Gang War" neatly enough, but adds no additional drama to that particular event or in its own proceedings. Elektra remains a bland superhero undistinguished by her motivations, actions, or abilities within these pages. None of the broad sequences are offensive in their execution, but they seem largely interchangeable with one another – something the issue seems to acknowledge when Daredevil allows her quarry to escape to the next showdown when receiving a call to show up at the final battle in Amazing Spider-Man. One save-the-innocents sequence takes a horrifying turn with children illustrated in stylistic contrast to every other character on the page. Their chibi-infused faces give the impression that Mr. Mxyzptlk is threatening to make this an especially ambitious crossover. Much of the other art is consistent, but none of it is impressive and that's true for much of Daredevil: Gang War.

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