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Daredevil #8

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A dragnet is closing around Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil!

Police on both sides of the law are hunting him, something vicious with a deep connection to Matt’s very soul is hunting his friends and, in the midst of that chaos, an old foe with the blood of Matt’s closest allies on his hands returns…

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  • 97


    All the writers and artists on this book do a great job. I found the first two stories to be the most in line with the books current storylines and truly enjoyed those. But even the stories that stepped out of that mold were a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the final story, which was about Elektra rescuing an old mans dog from some thugs. The old man thanks Elektra and makes a really important point about the value of connection and family.

    Overall. A great special with some fun stories.

  • 90


    This is absolutely a fantastic treat of an anniversary issue, even if it’s not a 700th or 900th issue. It’s a reminder of what Daredevil is and that’s one of my favorite parts of the whole package.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    Marvel celebrates the Man Without Fear’s 60th anniversary with style as regular writer Saladin Ahmed brings an old villain back into the fold (At this point I think everyone knows who it is) while reintroducing readers to Bullseye (although it was weird to see the latter do a short TED talk) and what makes this particular issue of DD worth your time is the selection of short stories by legendary writers such as Ann Nocenti and D.G. Chichester that takes a look into DD’s past with such innovation and fondness that will reminds readers why Daredevil has such a rich history even if the current series is continuing to find its footing. Still, while it’s a great celebration, let’s see what issue # 700 brings.

  • 85

    Un Cómic Más

    No review.

  • 80


    What a way to turn 60 years old and not look stale. The current creative team shares the anniversary with classic and new creators. “Introductory Rites” adds layers to Murdock’s struggles, making the wait harder as interest builds. The added characters are more good stuff in this wild buffet. The extra adventures take us to eras of Daredevil that should bring a smile to any era fan’s face. Here’s to 60 more years of the Man Without Fear!

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    The 2024 Daredevil #8 also acts as the 60th anniversary celebration for this issue. The oversize nature of this comic book certainly leans into that. Each of the back-up stories honor he different types of storytelling that has made Daredevil’s one of the best Marvel comic books for its 60 years existence. The main story with Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios facing off against Bullseye and The Heat progressed the current direction of the series. Ahmed captures how different the dynamic between Matt and Elektra is now after the former’s rebirth. It creates even more questions how they’ll handle the big, dramatic ending we get at the end of main story. Daredevil #8’s ending is so big that it can have consequences that go beyond this series. That alone makes this a must read for Marvel fans.

  • 65

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Daredevil #8 celebrates Horn Head’s 60th Anniversary with an 80-page anthology from an assortment of writers, including a continuation of the main title. Ironically, the least of these is the main story unveiling the mastermind behind The Heat, but overall, this is a serviceable read.

  • 60

    Daredevil #8 marks the character’s 60th anniversary, giving us a special extended edition with two stories from Saladin Ahmed and a few short stories from different points in Matt Murdock‘s history. Ahmed‘s main story finally brings a key role-player in Daredevil‘s history back to the forefront (you’re first guess is probably the right one) and there’s no forward progress in the “Seven Deadly Sins” arc. It’s fun jumping back into different points in the comic’s history (always a trip when they break out the yellow suit), but the current run still feels like it’s trying to find its momentum. Had this anniversary fallen during the Chip Zdarsky run, I imagine we’d be looking at a much different special.

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