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Daredevil #5

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Based on 9 critic ratings.


In the senses-shattering second arc of DAREDEVIL, creators Saladin Ahmed and Germán Peralta continue the explosive debut of this new series featuring an all-new villain for Daredevil to face down!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Exciting chapter of a saga that shakes the foundations of Daredevil’s origins but at the same time offers an easy-to-familiar status quo, when his priest skills are key to stopping this attack by the seven demons linked to the deadly sins.

    It is magnificent, full of details and textures with great touches of realism that offer the tone of street crime with superheroes in perfect balance adding great supernatural elements. The anatomy of the characters is great.

  • 85


    The art in Daredevil #5 crushes, which is fitting since She-Hulk literally crushes things as her muscular body ripples throughout the book. Ahmed progresses his main story forward while there’s a well-written superhero book with heroes doing everyday things on top of it. That’s a win, especially in an age when superhero books go high stakes on a universal scale too much.

  • 83

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: I continue to enjoy the story arc of Matt taking on the seven deadly sins and this issue has an interesting and entertaining mixture of suspense and humor within it. I like the dynamic between Matt and Jennifer in this issue and how the story centers on that dynamic to focus its action and adventure. An enjoyable issue that culminates in a great cliffhanger that teases an interesting team up.

    The Art: Karami’s art style is dynamic and lends itself well to the tone of the story. While the imagery was beautifully detailed, it was confining at times because of the panel structure. With She-Hulk in the comic, the panels could have been more expansive and freer, but they felt like they were containing the character rather than showcasing her.

  • 80

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Daredevil #5 takes a break from the serious tone for an amusing episode that finds She-Hulk and Daredevil confronting Gluttony. Ahmed’s technical execution is on point, and Karami’s art looks fantastic, especially for She-Hulk, but the pacing of the arc is becoming increasingly uneven.

  • 80

    First Comics News

    This very well may be a joyful Daredevil/She-Hulk team-up that features them hitting up many lunch spots while coming face-to-face with Mister Hyde; The chemistry between them is more wonderful than their MCU versions and while Matt himself gets more than he bargained for by being possessed by a sin, this is a series that continues to bring readers back into the fold while wondering what will happen next.

  • 80

    Caped Joel

  • 60

    Daredevil’s “Seven Deadly Sins” arc continues with She-Hulk being possessed by gluttony. Like with Envy, the reader will likely figure out what’s going on long before Matt does, but what little we get of the fight between the two is fun.

  • 60

    Major Spoilers

    While I think this issue wasn’t as strong as some of the others in this title, this is still an excellent comic book and progresses the storyline. Daredevil #5 is still worth a pickup, and this reboot has some exciting ideas.

  • 50

    Comic Watch

    With the debut of its sophomore arc, Daredevil continues to prove its premise works on paper but can’t quite make the leap in execution. Beyond a few standout moments and visuals, the issue is relegated to a consistent, yet forgettable delivery that tries to assemble the disparate pieces into a unified image. Instead, the pieces are just grouped into interesting arrangements that don’t quite lead to a full image. It’s a shame because the status quo established at the end of the previous run set up a genuinely fresh take on the character, but the follow-through just can’t quite match it.

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