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Daredevil #3

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Daredevil pounds pavement and breaks bones on a crusade against the upstart gang terrorizing Hell’s Kitchen. But that crusade will put Matt face-to-face with his deadliest enemy – and threaten the very souls of those closest to him.

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Matt needs to release the tension and injustice that he experiences patrolling at night, where he encounters a new criminal group called The Heat, which is led by Bullseye, Daredevil's attention towards Urich is completely focused on this threat. It's an art with a lot of lighting that allows everything to be detailed, it is meticulous and very dynamic, the design of the demon is perfect and original.
  • 97


    Saladin Ahmed has crafted a truly interesting narrative for this new run of Daredevil. I really enjoyed the references to Stick who trained Matt Murdoch so he could filter all the sounds that he heard due to his oversensitivity to sound. I also enjoyed the references to Matt’s old life and his friendship with Ben” Urich, which is a friendship he has not gone back to since his journey through hell. This story is getting better with each new issue and I can’t wait to see how things turn out in next month’s installment.
  • 93

    Major Spoilers

    I think I was on the fence for this title’s first couple of issues, but Daredevil #3 brought me around to the story. I want to know more about the mystery going on. I want to see this balance between Daredevil and the foster home and what Ben Ulrich is up to.
  • 90


    Daredevil #3 brings exceptional fight comics and the ongoing trouble of Matt’s personal life together wonderfully. Lifetime Daredevil fans will be extremely pleased with how this series blends action, superheroics, and the ongoing complexities of being Matt Murdock.
  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    The current Daredevil run is a high quality series that is starting to feel like it’s laying groundwork without getting anywhere. Daredevil #3 is the biggest transition issue yet. The series continues forward, but future potential remains its greatest selling point.
  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ahmed crafts a dark and entertaining story for Matt in this issue. I enjoy the interpersonal conflict with Matt a lot and how he tries to balance both his life as a priest and a superhero. The story has some fantastic action in it and the final reveal makes me excited to see what happens next. The Art: Kuder and Karami deliver great art in the issue. The infiltration of the Daily Bugle and warehouse fight scenes are visually stunning.
  • 84

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Daredevil #3 is busy with multiple moving parts that appear to be pulling at the same end goal, however, we just can’t see how it connects yet. Nevertheless, it’s this busyness coupled with some rather dynamic, action-packed moments that made this issue exciting. Additionally, Ahmed’s knack for detail, especially with the monologues from Matt, added this extra layer to the story that provided some well-needed depth to the character. Overall, this might have been the best issue of the run to date. It’s definitely taken some time for Ahmed to get his footing with this character and story. Is he there? Not quite but Daredevil #3 proves that he’s getting there.
  • 80
  • 65

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Daredevil #3 cranks up Daredevil’s fight against a new gang in town and saddles Matt with new challenges when his priority for caretaking St. Nick’s is tested. In isolation, Ahmed is delivering a classic Daredevil story, but too many questions from the first issue are ignored.
  • 60

    While it's always great to see Daredevil mowing his way through hordes of street thugs, Daredevil #3 once again makes it clear that the change in status quo and Matt's shift to becoming a priest and caretaker is little more than window-dressing. He's right back to having to balance his personal life with his vigilante mission, with one clearly taking its toll on the other. A familiar face pops back up at the end that all but guarantees some in the near future, but it also feels like the book is taking its sweet time getting back to that demon idea first introduced in the new #1 issue.

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