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Daredevil #34

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The penultimate chapter of “Lockdown” brings twists, turns, bodies and unexpected allies.


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  • 90

    Comic Watch

    I’m going to be real with you: I was never really a huge Daredevil fan. I’ve read some of the comics, I watched the Netflix TV series, but the more lighthearted She-Hulk was always my lawyer of choice. That being said, I think Chip Zdarsky has won me over.

    This particular issue of Daredevil reminded me just how powerful social criticism in comics can be. Sure, Daredevil was hopped up on “re-cid”, but even in his drug-induced madness he made some very interesting observations on how our country handles criminal reform. And personally, I love to see Daredevil get angry. The mere mention of Bullseye being on the loose drives Daredevil to escape his imprisonment (which might have been easier than it should have been, but boy was it fun to see).

  • 85


    Daredevil #34 is a great issue that serves as a breather before putting the main players on course for all the wild affairs that will be coming our way with the end of the volume and Devil’s Reign. Red skies are coming to Hell’s Kitchen!

  • 80

    The final chapter of Daredevil approaches and the many story threads woven across the past several years are drawn together into a tight knot. The individual character arcs form a compelling medley as everyone from Matthew Murdock to Detective North, from Elektra to Typhoid Mary are compelled to make incredibly difficult decisions. All of this action is portrayed with a deft hand as a prison riot with plenty of tense moments promising the upcoming showdown with Bullseye will be some can’t-miss action comics fare. However, this close to the end of the story, the limitations of this Daredevil run also reveal themselves. It’s clear in Daredevil and North’s showdown what has driven them so far and left the world in such chaos, but in confronting the massive systemic justice of the American carceral state leaves both men fumbling for answers. Daredevil appears quite literally mad and Cole can provide no reasonable alternatives for the horror and injustice on display. There is no satisfying answer except revolution—as showcased in the (justified) fire and violence at Rykers—but the genre constraints cannot accept this. It’s unclear how exactly this drama will settle, but it is obvious that superheroes imprisoning petty thieves and drug dealers will remain central to Daredevil and its associated series in the future. No matter how compelling it was to see these critical issues addressed in the pages of Daredevil at the end it seems this may be an outstanding series greatest weakness as it is ultimately unable to confront its own central conflicts in a meaningful manner.

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    I know I sound like I’m down on Daredevil right now but I’m really not. Daredevil #34 was actually much better than the past few issues. Several plot points are finally coming together. The Cole and Matt fight is by far the best aspect of the issue. And, with the series planning to end or go on hiatus with issue #36, it feels like things are coming together to make an enjoyable finale.

  • 70


    This issue sets up some interesting stakes for the climax of this volume, and its just-announced follow-up. It doesn’t quite land on the real world issues, but the superheroics are top notch from both the art and writing side.

  • 65

    Comic Book Revolution

    Daredevil #34 sets the stage for the final chapters of the current narrative Chip Zdarsky has set up around Bullseye’s latest attack. Zdarsky gave us good insight into Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock respective mindsets going into this final fight. What it will all mean for the larger picture of things going on in New York City will be interesting to see play out.

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About the Author: Chip Zdarsky

In the ever-evolving landscape of comic books, Chip Zdarsky emerges as a figure of immense creativity and versatility. Known for infusing his narratives with both humor and emotional depth, Zdarsky has charted a course through the comic book universe that is as diverse as it is compelling. From the groundbreaking humor of “Sex Criminals” to the gritty streets of Marvel’s “Daredevil,” his journey is a testament to a talent that refuses to be pigeonholed.

The man behind the pseudonym, Steve Murray, became a household name with “Sex Criminals,” co-created with Matt Fraction. This series broke new ground with its audacious blend of comedy, romance, and the supernatural. It was here that Zdarsky’s knack for balancing wit with genuine storytelling first shone, earning the series critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

Zdarsky’s portfolio, however, spans a broad spectrum. His unique voice has breathed new life into “Howard the Duck,” where he explored themes of identity and belonging, and his run on Marvel’s “Daredevil” has been celebrated for its moral complexity and rich character development. But Zdarsky’s talents are not limited to writing. As an artist, he has lent his distinct visual style to numerous projects, enhancing his narratives with expressive artistry and dynamic visuals.

In recent years, Zdarsky has ventured into the shadowy alleys of Gotham City, bringing his distinctive flair to the world of Batman. His work on Batman titles has quickly garnered attention for its fresh take on the Dark Knight, blending the character’s traditional brooding intensity with new layers of psychological depth. Through stories that delve into Batman’s complex psyche and the morally ambiguous landscape of Gotham, Zdarsky adds to the rich tapestry of Batman lore, proving yet again his ability to navigate and innovate within established universes.

Beyond his impressive body of work, Zdarsky’s engagement with the comic book community — through social media, conventions, and insightful industry commentary — has made him a beloved figure among fans and fellow creators. His contributions have not only earned him awards and nominations but have also solidified his role as a pivotal voice in contemporary comics.

As Chip Zdarsky continues to explore the darker corners of Gotham City, his journey exemplifies the power of storytelling in comic books — where humor meets heroism, and the human condition is explored in the flicker of a bat signal against the night sky. For those drawn to the art of comics, Zdarsky’s work offers a masterclass in creativity, inviting readers into worlds both wildly imaginative and intensely real.

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