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Daredevil #33

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Elektra faces her greatest challenge as DAREDEVIL yet, as a serial killer is on the loose in Manhattan and killing innocent people.

But even the deadliest assassin in the Marvel Universe is at somewhat of a loss, because this killer can be in more than one place at one time. A team? A mutant? Or something else entirely? Whoever or whatever they are, they have a thirst for blood, and Elektra will put herself directly in their sights!

PLUS: Matt Murdock faces challenges of his own in prison after being exposed to a dangerous and experimental compound called RE-CID that makes those subjected to it more aggressive and violent. Whatever happens, one thing is certain — Daredevil isn’t getting time off for good behavior…

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Daredevil #33 is a fantastic, action-packed issue. This comic is fraught with danger and the readers are left nervous. Zdarsky continues to tell a deeply captivating story with constantly increasing threats seeking to cut one of those stories short. There are also some fascinating pieces of dialogue and plot threads around the other characters involved in the book, including one that will take the comic in a completely different direction.

  • 95


    Daredevil #33 is another great issue. The reveal to Bullseye, finding this new skeleton in Fisk’s closet, and seeing the path Elektra is on to keep me entertained for the month. I look forward to seeing the wrap-up to these new developments, and this issue helps to carry the arc forward.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    It is fair to say that the devil switcheroo may have given this book some traction. However it s Zdarsky that has kept the book moving forward, giving us characters in both Matt and Elektra to root for. Zadarsky has managed to utilise the villains of the most classic Daredevil stories of Frank Miller’s run and given them a role that feels like a real threat for the first time in ages. This run could be this generations of readers Born Again!

  • 90

    Comic Book Revolution

    Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto are at the top of their game with their work on Daredevil #33. Every single ongoing storyline from Elektra’s battle with the Bullseye clones to the prison riot Matt Murdock leads adds even greater interest for the future of the series. It all goes to once again prove that Zdarsky and Checchetto’s Daredevil is the best comic book Marvel is currently publishing.

  • 86

    Comic Watch

    Almost every issue in the run of these creators has been excellent, this issue being no exception. Very well written, intriguing dialogue, and stunning art. Comics like this are rare to come by.

  • 85


    One of the most twisted battles of Daredevil’s career continues. It looks incredible, leans into some of the sci-fi craziness of the Marvel Universe, and continues to be one of the best Marvel reads month after month.

  • 80

    Daredevil #33 begins by explaining last month’s shocking cliffhanger and it’s a satisfying solution to the proposed puzzle; it also leaves Elektra/Daredevil with a terrifying new threat. Establishing such high stakes and maintaining them is a tightrope walk, but one this opening action sequence dances across crafting a clear cause-and-effect sequence that is thrilling and leaves room for round two. This flashy introduction pairs well with Kingpin’s more meditative mood and Detective Cole North’s descent into Matthew/Daredevil’s new “kitchen.” Even for an issue without more than a single glimpse of its leading man, it certainly sets expectations sky high with another intimidating final splash—one readers have every reason to believe will (once again) pay dividends in Daredevil #34.

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About the Author: Chip Zdarsky

In the ever-evolving landscape of comic books, Chip Zdarsky emerges as a figure of immense creativity and versatility. Known for infusing his narratives with both humor and emotional depth, Zdarsky has charted a course through the comic book universe that is as diverse as it is compelling. From the groundbreaking humor of “Sex Criminals” to the gritty streets of Marvel’s “Daredevil,” his journey is a testament to a talent that refuses to be pigeonholed.

The man behind the pseudonym, Steve Murray, became a household name with “Sex Criminals,” co-created with Matt Fraction. This series broke new ground with its audacious blend of comedy, romance, and the supernatural. It was here that Zdarsky’s knack for balancing wit with genuine storytelling first shone, earning the series critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

Zdarsky’s portfolio, however, spans a broad spectrum. His unique voice has breathed new life into “Howard the Duck,” where he explored themes of identity and belonging, and his run on Marvel’s “Daredevil” has been celebrated for its moral complexity and rich character development. But Zdarsky’s talents are not limited to writing. As an artist, he has lent his distinct visual style to numerous projects, enhancing his narratives with expressive artistry and dynamic visuals.

In recent years, Zdarsky has ventured into the shadowy alleys of Gotham City, bringing his distinctive flair to the world of Batman. His work on Batman titles has quickly garnered attention for its fresh take on the Dark Knight, blending the character’s traditional brooding intensity with new layers of psychological depth. Through stories that delve into Batman’s complex psyche and the morally ambiguous landscape of Gotham, Zdarsky adds to the rich tapestry of Batman lore, proving yet again his ability to navigate and innovate within established universes.

Beyond his impressive body of work, Zdarsky’s engagement with the comic book community — through social media, conventions, and insightful industry commentary — has made him a beloved figure among fans and fellow creators. His contributions have not only earned him awards and nominations but have also solidified his role as a pivotal voice in contemporary comics.

As Chip Zdarsky continues to explore the darker corners of Gotham City, his journey exemplifies the power of storytelling in comic books — where humor meets heroism, and the human condition is explored in the flicker of a bat signal against the night sky. For those drawn to the art of comics, Zdarsky’s work offers a masterclass in creativity, inviting readers into worlds both wildly imaginative and intensely real.

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