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Daredevil #182

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Matt can’t bring himself to believe that Elektra is truly gone and so proceeds to dig up her grave. Meanwhile, Punisher breaks out from prison.

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    Earth's Mightiest Blog

    After this issue, Miller’s run begins to wind down—but he has Daredevil becoming increasingly crazy. I like that—I mean, you’d think that beating people up all night and then trying to solve legal problems with your mind all day would create some fragility, then to have Elektra die, it makes sense he’d snap. (…) This issue also develops what turns out to be a pretty brutal subplot involving Heather Glenn, who inherited a multi-million dollar company from her father and is now dating Matt Murdock. Over time, the corrupt Board of Directors will try to push her out of the company, and Murdock will do some pretty dirty deeds to manipulate her into marrying him. It shows his bloodthirsty sexual side, which is something that started here with Miller but was brought out vividly later—especially during Brian Michael Bendis’ run.

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