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Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #4 (of 5)

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

It’s an all-out brawl!

Ghost Rider team ups with Blaze to take down the Broker and Scarecrow.

Don’t miss the epic finale for Danny Ketch as he enacts his vengeance!

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24 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

  • 70

    Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #4 ties things up nicely with a neat little bow, serving as the conclusion for a story that was 30 years in the making. While the plot of this mini-series is fine, it largely feels like it was made to provide Easter eggs to the generation of yesteryear without forging ahead and introducing its own look, feel, and development into the mix. Regardless, it’s a quick and fun read that isn’t painstakingly dull. That’s something, right?

  • 60

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #4 brings the nostalgic mini-series to a brisk close as Howard Mackie rifles through the scenes to sprint across the finish line. Each scene is technically complete, but there’s no time to develop drama, emotion, or tension.

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