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Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #2 (of 5)

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This new adversary is boosting the powers of Ghost Rider’s enemies. But what is his ultimate goal? And what does it have to do with Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze?

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    First Comics News

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    You Don't Read Comics

    It’s been nearly 3 decades since the last time Mackie spent time hanging out with the Spirit of Vengeance. A couple of issues into his big reunion, and it’s apparent that there are fresh echoes moving through the night between co-creator and creation. Hopefully, Mackie has the time to explore things with Danny Ketch for a long time to come. Another half-decade would be nice.

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    The good thing about these retro homages is the involvement of creators from the era. With someone like Howard Mackie at the helm of a Danny Ketch story, you’re bound to get something unabashedly 1994, and that’s exactly what Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #2 feels like. Though some might argue it leans too heavily into fan service, Mackie’s script clips along as he pieces together Ketch’s rogue’s gallery. Things are amplified in Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #2, where the likes of Blackout and Scarecrow return to give fans some great nostalgic goodness. The story is gritty, and Picciotto’s line art matches that perfectly. Two issues in and this story is very much grounded, but that’s perfectly all right – this comic knows what it needs to be and it excels at that.

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    This second issue is a delight for me, personally. It’s likely a delight for Mackie, and (one hopes) Picciotto. It’s a delight for any kid who spun a spinner rack in the ’90s hoping to find that very specific glowing skull. We can only hope it’s as much a delight for the kid in the comic shop today, discovering that skull for the first time.

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    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Ghost Rider #2 delivers another solid issue with old enemies coming back to cause trouble with enhanced powers and deadly stakes to keep the Rider on his toes. That said, the story is clear but a bit too busy in spots, so the main plot gets lost in the noise.

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