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Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 (of 5)

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Flashback to a time when innocent blood was spilled, a Spirit of Vengenace was born, and Danny Ketch found himself transformed into the GHOST RIDER! A gang war is breaking out across New York City, with Ghost Rider caught in the middle! But if it’s just rival gangs killing each other, does Ghost Rider need to get involved?

Join us for an untold tale written by Danny Ketch co-creator HOWARD MACKIE and artist DANIEL PICCIOTTO!

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31 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider is a return to everything great about classic Marvel horror heroes. It’s classic tone with a fresh new story will make fans of Ghost Rider, new and old, excited to follow all the twists and turns this amazing adventure brings.

  • 90

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider #1 is a straightforward and super-effective re-introduction to the second Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch. Howard Mackie’s script is on point at every level, and the art is very strong.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Howard Mackie is THE Ghost Rider writer. Period. During his run on Ghost Rider in the 1990s, Mackie played a pivotal role in redefining the character and revitalizing the series. He introduced new mythology, expanded the supernatural aspects of the Ghost Rider mythos, and delved into the complex nature of Danny’s dual identity. Mackie’s writing often delved into dark and gritty themes, making the Ghost Rider stories more mature and intense than the Johnny Blaze series that preceded it. Mackie also managed to leave his mark on Spider-Man during this era with his work on the “Clone Saga” storyline. Although the storyline became controversial and complex, Mackie’s writing managed to maintain a sense of suspense and intrigue. He introduced new twists and turns that kept readers engaged and invested in the narrative. Thankfully, Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider feels like a return to form for Mackie.

    This first issue is packed with exposition, premise building, and character re-introductions. And it’s delicious. Danny Ketch is balancing his dual life as the Spirit of Vengeance and… being a guy who lives with his mom. His girlfriend is a rookie cop. His pseudo-uncle is a machine guy wielding Johnny Blaze. A ruthless new villain is turning street thugs into overpowered monsters. It’s all here folks and if one is nostalgic for 90’s Marvel – this is definitely the book for you!

    Newcomer artist Danny Picciotto really delivers in this issue in a way that compliments Mackie’s writing style. He is having fun channeling the 50,000 CCs of raw winding power that is Ghost Rider – with every wheelie and spin of the flaming chain. We’re talking Evil Kneivel posters, Butthole Surfer albums, and chili burgers with a side of moon pie level cool throughout this book. If this description sounds appealing, then buy this book (and congratulations on being awesome).

    Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider will appeal to fans of the Spirit of Vengeance with a satisfying start to what has the potential to be one of the best books of the summer! @marvel #howardmackie #ghostrider

  • 80

    Danny Ketch returns in his own solo mini-series from Howard Mackie and Daniel Piccioto. As you might expect from the creator of Ketch, the story quickly returns to the land of familiarity with a story ripped straight from 1994. Not only is Ketch back in prime form, but the design of this new antagonist is peak supernatural goodness. Mackie’s plot does take a little bit too long to get going but once it starts lurching forward, the title is quickly off to the races with exciting action set pieces to boot.

  • 80

    First Comics News

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