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Damn Them All #9

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

For the first time since his explosive disappearance, Ellie confronts her ex Cillian, but she receives a proposal that she never expected!

Meanwhile, Dora continues her search for memories lost during the heist on Theo’s base, but the answers she’s looking for hide in an unlikely place…

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30 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    Damn Them All #9 is a natural progression in quality and craft as a switch in perspective and the introduction of a new demon alters the known fabric of the world. Spurrier’s script thrives in the balance of exposition and characterization, living on the tension that comes from learning new information and characters clashing over split information. Adlard renders these moments with deft pencils and panels, creating yet another visual style for the new demon.

    By evoking a more expressive aesthetic, the demon of this issue pairs with its specific power as it grows like the threads of a wide tapestry. The shining gold palette for the demon clashes with the gritter hues of the series, creating a dissonance of color to further alienate the demon. The issue is a strong contender for the most compelling one yet and is enough to make a convert to the hive mind of Damn Them All readers.

  • 92

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Damn Them All #9 continues the slow burn in a series that has only managed to get more interesting over time. It’s worth reading for those interested in the Hellblazer tradition of rat bastards solving occult mysteries.

  • 60

    It’s fun to watch two of our main characters embark on separate missions, which will inevitably tie back together at some point. We’ve got Ellie and her ex Cillian, while Dora is looking for some payback against angels that stole her memories. Cillian is an interesting character, with his backstory with Ellie and the hivemind he’s cultivated in his surrounding apartment complex.

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