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Cyborg #3 (of 6)

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A.I. Silas Stone reveals all! The truth behind Solace CEO Markus Wilcox and his connection to Silas is uncovered. Cyborg needs to do some corporate espionage to get to the bottom of this shady activity-and if that wasn’t enough for Victor Stone to deal with, an old enemy from his Teen Titans days is on the Solace payroll. Teen Titans animated series villain Atlas makes his DC Comics debut and is ready for a rematch!

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    If you aren’t reading Cyborg, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Cyborg #3 continues its compelling and fascinating plot that combines the past of Silas Stone with technology and transhumanism with an unsettling and horrifying twist that, in this issue, sees Cyborg teaming up with the digital double of his late father to try to liberate others while also dealing with the tech genius, Markus, behind it all who is turning out to be a sinister figure. Not only has Morgan Hampton created a genuinely original and engaging story, he’s doing some incredible character work here with both Silas and Cyborg that balances the psychological and the physical. The art is pretty solid, too. It’s an outstanding issue with only one drawback: I wish there was more.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Cyborg has had many attempts at solo series since the New 52 elevated him to a prominent DCU headliner, but I think every one of them lacked a true hook until this one. This manages to give Cyborg a new home base, a new supporting cast, and some villains who can directly challenge him in a way that sets him apart from other heroes. Now that the schedule is back on track, I see this series continuing to build momentum.

  • 90


    Victor Stone is back on the case surrounding his father’s strange return as ‘Cyborg’ #3 brings the limited series back for another really solid fun issue. Superheroes and technology are a natural pairing and what this team does with that dynamic is quite unique and familiar.

  • 50

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Cyborg #3 increases the scale and scope of the villain’s plan and adds a cameo from a Teen Titans cartoon character to spice things up. However, the big plan seems far-fetched and lacks motivation, which makes the villain come off as one-dimensional.

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