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Cult Of Carnage: Misery #5 (of 5)

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The new symbiotic monstrosity called Madness inadvertently forced Liz Allan to bond to the all-new MISERY symbiote, changing both her life and the world of the symbiotes FOREVER! Imbued with all the powers and personalities of the LIFE FOUNDATION SYMBIOTES (and more!), Madness is a symbiotic force unlike any other in the Marvel Universe. There is nowhere that Liz Allan can go where Madness cannot follow, no one she can ask for help who Madness cannot destroy and nothing she can do to stop the brutality of its onslaught.

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    The final issue of Misery wraps up all of the miniseries threads in a fashion that feels anything but climactic. Liz Allen’s final action sequence relies on an obvious solution that has been present from the story’s start, while Spider-Man’s inclusion never creates any sense of tension as he battles against the lowest rung of villainy imaginable. When the smoke settles, there’s little in the way of advancement and the status quo addressed at the start of “Carnage Reigns” remains largely intact, with the only threat to a shift in the Osborn family comfortably tucked away in a coma. The action and plot advancement are plainly told, but there’s too little meat on the bones of a miniseries focused on tertiary Amazing Spider-Man characters to make even that mundane delivery worth much attention for all but die-hard fans.

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