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Cult Of Carnage: Misery #3 (of 5)

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All of the symbiotes in Alchemax’s care have been STOLEN, including the FIVE LIFE FOUNDATION SYMBIOTES!

Harnessing each of their unique abilities, a mysterious and CLASSIC symbiote villain has started making moves in the chaos of the Summer of Symbiotes. But WHO?! Read and find out!

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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    Understandably, newer readers may get overwhelmed with the sheer number of Spider-Man titles on the shelves, especially with so many symbiote-centric books being sold at the moment. But Liz Allan is one of the very first characters in Peter Parker’s history, and in a way, she is experiencing her own kind of ‘rebirth’ or ‘origin’ in this volume, so I believe anybody interested can jump on at any point and see if the writing and art jive with them. At the very core of the story is a woman who has had a very tumultuous, dark and traumatic past. As Liz Allan tries to fill in the big shoes left behind for her, she’ll have to also welcome the super-powered changes that will rock the very core and foundation of what makes her… her. Buckle up, because it is going to be one miserable and mad ride for everybody involved!

  • 30

    There’s a video game sort of logic that pervades symbiote-centered comics as the muck occasionally shaped like characters endlessly reforms itself amidst waves of action. That continues in Cult of Carnage: Misery #3. The new villain Madness is more comical than threatening with a rainbow of symbiote faces forming appendages across his chest. As they battle Liz Allan, it seems like the series’ protagonist is largely absent from her own tye-dye suit as events happen to her. Splashes lie flat on the page and are best characterized as odd. Yet a new symbiotic sort of villain promises less messiness in what’s to come, so maybe the next issue will be better.

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