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Creepshow Vol. 2 #1 (of 5)

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The smash-hit horror anthology based on the hit Shudder TV series is back and CREEPIER than ever!

In the debut issue, master of the macabre GARTH ENNIS (Preacher, The Boys) and superstar creator BECKY CLOONAN (Wonder Woman) team up for the very first time to deliver a disturbing tale of the unborn! Then, freaky PHIL HESTER (Gotham City: Year One) tells the story of a grieving son who bends the laws of nature to see his mother one last time…this can’t end well!

Each issue of CREEPSHOW, VOL. 2 will feature different creative teams with uniquely horrifying standalone stories and a 1:10 connecting cover from iconic horror artist SKINNER!

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30 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    The Convention Collective

    The first story, Make Your Choice, is a bit of social commentary on abortion and the church that will leave you a bit sick to your stomach.

    The second story, Fossil Record, has a completely different look and feel to it, albeit just as fun.

  • 83

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Story 1: Make Your Choice – A highly political story that is filled with great scares and awesome art.

    Story 2: Fossil Record – A classic monster tale with some great zombie lore thrown in. I loved the tone of the story as well as the art.

  • 80


    Creepshow returns for its second run of anthology horror tales and is largely a success. It’s a good mix of tales, with a sci-fi story with epic proportions and a domestic tale that disturbs.

  • 80

    Comical Opinions

    CREEPSHOW (VOL. 2) #1 continues the tradition of shocking tales with a hard edge to tickle your terror bone. Ennis’s take on the Pro-Life movement is properly gross but ridiculously heavy-handed, and Hester’s tale about an archaeological discovery takes the top spot for best story.

  • 80

    The first story in this issue features a man whose past sins come back to haunt him, though whether they are literally haunting him or merely his own guilt feeding on his decisions aren’t entirely clear. Almost immediately in this story, a man gets up off the toilet, sees a dead baby in the bowl, and exclaims expletives. In other words, writer Garth Ennis fully delivers everything you’ve come to expect from his works over the years, while art from Becky Cloonan both honors the past of horror comics while still keeping it contemporary. As if the horror story on its own isn’t entertaining enough, the journey’s conclusion reveals the morality tale being told, delivering everything audiences could want from a Creepshow story. The second storyline sees a paleontologist coming to grips with the death of his mother, whom he seemingly had an unhealthy connection to. This narrative is a bit more straightforward and, while it does have a twist ending, the journey isn’t entirely gripping, even if it’s still easy to invest in it. In fact, if the first story wasn’t so strong, the backup story’s effectiveness, or lack thereof, wouldn’t seem like such a drop in quality, as any other book would see it still being a competent component. The first story alone makes the book worth reading, and the secondary story doesn’t take away from its accomplishments while also being at least moderately entertaining in its own right.

  • 80

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