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Count Crowley: Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #1 (of 4)

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A dead werewolf would have made Jerri Bartman feel victorious just a few days ago. But this deceased beast was her friend and our beloved monster hunter is shocked and depressed.

The return of her predecessor brings no consolation and now there’s a ghoulish child-snatcher on the loose in Beloit… Holly Halloween, Count Crowley!

Things are really getting batty!

The third volume of the hit horror series, Count Crowley!

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26 pages
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  • 100

    Count Crowley is just the best, am I right? Each installment of David Dastmalchian’s monster hunting saga has bled soul straight off the page, and the start of Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter continues the trend. Crowley is a deeply lived-in character that never ceases to earn your attention and adoration. The supporting cast is as good as ever. And the narration is top-notch, as always. There are some classic Dark Horse monster shenanigans happening here, and for that we should all rejoice.

  • 94

    The Story: Dastmalchian returns readers to Jerri’s world with a story that is filled with suspense, tension and possible tragedy. Not only is there great drama throughout the issue, but Dastmalchian is crafting an engaging and compelling story for Jerri that has already started taking her down a dark path that drew me in. I continue to be a huge fan of this character and look forward to the journey Dastmalchian is taking her and the reader.

    The Art: Ketner’s art is amazing. Every page is filled with fantastic details that brilliantly showcase the emotions of the characters and the dark beauty of their world.

  • 90

    Un Cómic Más

    Magnificent and melancholic beginning of this new story arc, captivating and intense but which moves far away from black comedy to focus on drama.

    The details and colors of this delivery elevate the classic vintage tone to another level of excellence. It has a texture that feels like it was colored with chalk, very interesting and original.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Who really is worse, the nice werewolf, or the human who hunts monsters, yet can’t seem to say anything to Jerri that isn’t dripping with misogyny? I think I’d rather risk being murdered every full moon, than deal with Jerri’s fellow monster hunting colleagues. Nevertheless I loved this touch. I felt it helped show that anyone can be a monster, while also making a nod to old school movies, where talking down to woman was simply the norm. These other hunters are a bit too old school. Overall, this story has mystery, monsters, modern day issues, and old school cheesy horror feels. I will definitely be tuning in for the next “FRIGHTFUL SHOW!”

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