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Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (of 5)

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It’s the mighty Valkyrie versus Cosmic Ghost Rider – but which of the now TWO Riders is she facing?! As the mystery deepens, the two Cosmic Ghost Riders draw closer to one another for a final confrontation in the depths of space. But first, they both must survive the bevy of bounty hunters, heroes and villains in hot pursuit!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    But Why Tho?

    Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 has kicked into gear. Bringing in figures like Valkyrie has pumped energy into the comic, with some terrific battles unfolding in multiple locations at the same time. Some of the storytelling devices are fantastic and inventive, displaying some of the creativity I was longing for in the first issue. It is an extremely satisfying read that still doesn’t want to give up all of its secrets just yet.

  • 80

    Multiversity Comics

    The Cosmic Ghost Rider has returned in The Marvel Universe and in his latest series he’s seeing double. Throughout the pages of “Cosmic Ghost Rider,” Frank Castle has been having dreams about an alternate version of himself. The alternate Cosmic Ghost Rider is going up against familiar Marvel hero Jane Foster in her identity as the Valkyrie. Will writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Guiu Vilanova be able to tell a captivating story with two Cosmic Ghost Riders?

    Guiu Vilanova’s art is a huge draw to the issue. Vilanova’s line is great with big character expressions while keeping the framing on scenes looking cohesive. When we are first introduced to the core Cosmic Ghost Rider in the issue, Vilanova frames the introduction with a huge punch to the Rider. The immersive way that Vilanova frames this panel will draw readers into the comic book. Vilanova captures great expressions as well for the alternate Rider who emotes with his skull. “Cosmic Ghost Rider” #3 blends cosmic narratives with Foster’s magic-based power set in an interesting visual representation.

    The most endearing aspect of “Cosmic Ghost Rider” #3’s narrative is the way that the two Cosmic Ghost Rider stories slowly begin to converge in this series. It is so fascinating that both protagonists have finally become aware of each other in the issue. Jane Foster has great moments battling both of the Cosmic Ghost Riders. The way Foster is able to use her ties to Valhalla as a Valkyrie is one of the driving forces in the plot. Author Stephanie Phillips does a wonderful job keeping the tone of the issue light despite the robust narrative here. Guiu Vilanova captures the humor in the series along with the intrigue that two Comic Ghost Riders bring to “Cosmic Ghost Rider” #3.

    “Cosmic Ghost Rider” #3 has a great sense of humor and finally pushes the plot of the series forward.

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    First Comics News

  • 60

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 contains solid sci-fi art and memorable characters, but the central mystery isn’t compelling, so it’s becoming a struggle to care about what happens in this comic.

  • 40

    Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 reiterates the premise and problems already thoroughly addressed in prior issues as if readers might have forgotten that there are two Cosmic Ghost Riders mixed up by some mysterious cause. The addition of Valkyrie does little to add excitement as action sequences play out in a rote visual format with no elements of surprise or bombast, and stakes as low as the available character depth. Although the “good” Cosmic Ghost Rider is named Frank Castle, there’s nothing of that character to be found in their presence or even attached to previous appearances of this specific iteration. The surrounding bystanders and superheroes move about and speak like NPCs in a video game with only the slightest shading of characterization. Although the plot is competently detailed, there’s never a reason provided for readers to care about these events or characters leaving Cosmic Ghost Rider dead in the water for all but the most devoted fans of this Marvel Comics portmanteau.

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