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Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (of 5)

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The Rider is out to change the universe for the better, starting with an idea so simple he cannot believe no one has ever done it before! But as with all things worth doing, it’s not going to be easy. For one thing: SPACE SHARKS. For another? Let’s just say it’s never good to run into Galactus during a bar fight.

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Horror DNA

    It’s impossible to read Cosmic Ghost Rider and not smile. This has quickly become one of my favorite comics. It’s a quirky and absurd concept that works so incredibly well. It’s an absolute shame this is only a mini-series because I would totally read about the ongoing adventures of Cosmic Ghost Rider and baby Thanos traveling through space on a sci-fi motorcycle. There is no part of that idea that I dislike.

  • 100

    With each page, Cosmic Ghost Rider only gets more and more insane. From Baby Thanos talking about murder to Frank Castle talking trash to the Watcher, everything about this book is absurd, and I mean that in the best way possible. The colors nearly pop off the page, and the quirky dialogue helps for a quick, yet delightfully satisfying read. With the new-look Guardians showing up next week, this book is only getting better.

  • 90

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Donny Cates, with the art team of Dylan Burnett and Antonio Fabela, have put out two greatly entertaining issues of a Cosmic Ghost Rider and seem to be a great match. This issue manages to balance comedy, action, and enough outrageousness in a single story to please just about anyone. Cates continues to prove worthy of any trust earned thus far with Marvel fans, producing another runaway hit, I support with my highest approval.

  • 90


    Cosmic Ghost Rider is firing on all cylinders and may be the funniest superhero book on the stands today. The series is hitting its stride and may only get better from here on out.

  • 88

    Sequential Planet

    Cosmic Ghost Rider is coming along swimmingly, and I can’t recommend it more. The issues are scant and full of color and humor which isn’t hard to find, but when it is done this well, it is just so much fun to read. This is a limited series so do your collection and favor and pick these up. The premise is wacky to be sure, but the enjoyment is high.

  • 88

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    The art was much better than last issue and the creativity of Cates is currently top notch. Who knows where this thing is going from here but I feel like Marvel fans have no choice but to follow this series through. The ramifications this series could have for the Marvel Universe could be huge. Don’t you want to be apart of that journey? Plus, readers will have to tune in if they want to see where this things ends! Just say this phrase out loud: Frank Castle is going to raise Thanos as his son. What the poop is that?!

  • 80

    The Super Powered Fancast

    After the seriousness of the Thanos story, it’s fun reading something that takes those dark elements and shines an interesting type of light on them. He doesn’t gloss over the despot that Thanos will become and makes the nature of Thanos apparent even at a young age. It’s more fun to see a Frank Castle with centuries of experiences and memories dealing with this new dynamic. The way he seems to go about life now is more interesting. Cates has taken the battle weary anti-hero and made him a layered character trying to find a place and a mission in the future. What makes the story even more compelling is that Cates is not afraid to try something new or lean into the insanity enough so that you want to follow him where he’s leading you as a reader.

    Dylan Burnett’s art is great in this issue and there are so many amazing panels and details that the viewer can’t help but take everything in visually. The vibrant colors and shadows enhance the art in a noticeable way and the facial expressions Burnett uses on many of the characters are fun.

  • 75

    Multiversity Comics

    In the first issue, it seemed like Coates had learned from his original “Black Panther” run that it was important to keep books interesting, even while exploring big, difficult ideas. But in this issue, I wonder if it has swung slightly too far to the other side. As much as I enjoy the monologues that Coates has for Steve when he is in the action scenes, I wonder if the points in these scenes would be gotten across better through conversations, or smaller moments. Part of the problem may just be that the structure of this issue is very similar to that of the first, making some of these things a bit off-putting. At the end of the day, though, many of these issues are pretty small nitpicks. Coates and Yu are creating still a superhero comic that is both fun to read and thematically interesting.

    “Captain America” #2 is a strong continuation of the series, but doesn’t pack quite as much of a punch as the first issue.

  • 60


    It’s weird enough for me and I am a HUGE Howard the Duck fan! I simply cannot get enough of Howard. When he turned up in Guardians of the Galaxy on screen, I cheered! This book, if you want something off the wall, strange and just different but most of all fun, then Cosmic Ghost Rider is for you.

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