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Coda #3 (of 5)

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Romance turns to taking responsibility as Hum and Serka reach across their differences to come up with a plan to set things right; but will they trust each other enough in the process?
Simultaneously, a starving community is easily absorbed into a growing army of marauders…

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    Compared to the two previous books in the series, Coda #3 is a bit messy and has some structural weaknesses that make it difficult to follow as there are multiple things happening at once, though none of them are particularly clearly laid out. You have the issues with the religious group that Hum is dealing with, Serka’s own issues stemming from her recent adventures, and then the personal things between them with Serka being pregnant. There are some excellent themes and issues at play here: manipulation of the believers and how even breaking the manipulation to reveal genuine hardship may not be enough to shake true faith, but navigating the various elements of the story is just enough of a challenge that it requires perhaps a little more effort than one might be willing to devote to help sort it out and keep it all straight, especially when there feels like some strange stops and starts in different spots of the story. The art in the issue all also has a very uniform feel, color-wise which doesn’t help much in terms of differentiation.

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