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Catwoman: Uncovered #1

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The cover art on Catwoman’s celebrated series has been quite the cat’s meow since it began on Catwoman #1, and we’re here to show you everyone’s favorite cat burglar’s best-of-the-best cover art over the years.

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    Art books—more specifically books that are merely collections of cover art—are somewhat hard to review because art can be so subjective. That said, Catwoman: Uncovered might be the best “Uncovered” issue DC has done yet. With the exception of maybe one featured covered in the collection, the issue does an outstanding job of moving away from the hyper-sexualized presentation that we often see for Catwoman and in the process, highlights nearly every aspect of the character and her personality. We see her as a foe and as a would-be hero, as a complicated character and someone who is incredibly capable, as well as plenty of nods to her history and, of course, cats and her always messy relationship with Batman. The issue does a fantastic job of selecting a wide range of styles in order to fully showcase the character in a way that makes her seem, perhaps less larger than life and more grounded. While there’s not a story to tell on these pages, the covers here themselves tell a story of one of DC’s finest characters who frequently doesn’t get quite enough her own due.

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