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Catwoman #64

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

“Nine Lives” enters its sixth chapter!

Selina has carried out almost every lethal heist on the face of the earth, so now it’s time to head to space!

In a universe full of interplanetary heroes and villains, secrets get left behind in strange places, and one in particular has caught the Catwoman’s eye.

As she approaches a familiar, yet abandoned station, she might want to watch her back—for she’s not the only one walking among the stars!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Batman on Film

    Despite the “out” of nine lives, Howard creates a sense of tension for Selena, there is spectacle aplenty, and the visuals are out of this world. This is shaping up to be my favorite arc of Catwoman so far. Don’t miss it!

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Selina has been taking on increasingly dangerous missions as she wears down her nine lives, but nothing tops this one – heading for space. She’s being hunted by a coalition of rogues she stole from in the past, and she needs to stay under the radar. To do that, she plans to knock a satellite out of commission—and to get there, she’s going to steal an experimental Ferris Air plane. The great escape scene is very reminiscent of Top Gun, with some daring escapes, but once Selina gets there, the story is more concerned with the intense isolation and danger of being in orbit. At least, she’s lonely until Demolition Team shows up. This band of mercenary rogues is known for taking any contract they can, and they put the whole satellite in danger in the process. The fight up there is just okay, but the re-entry segment has some incredible tension—because not every death takes only one life.

  • 80

    The “Nine Lives” story arc has been a fascinating development in the overall arc of Selina Kyle, as well as one of the more inventive showcases of the DC Universe’s weird pockets in recent memory. This week’s Catwoman #64 continues that trend in style, delivering another great and unexpected predicament that only Selina can seemingly escape. With clever writing and gloriously cool artwork, this issue sets a high bar for the remaining issues of “Nine Lives.”

  • 70


    It’s beginning to feel like a bit of deja vu with each portion of this storyline, as Catwoman #64 tries to add some misplaced structural depth. A solid concept that is well suited visually but pulled down by an overabundance of explination.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Catwoman #64 has moments where its overall wordiness somewhat breaks the flow of the excellent tension, layered heist drama, and stunning visuals. Sometimes a story needs to let itself breathe in this medium, to tell the most effective story possible.

    Nevertheless, the issue still delivers a great tale for those who love the Cat, and get hints at what could be coming to get her in just a few issues time.

  • 55


    I hate to say it, but as much as I was enjoying the beginning of this arc, I’m ready for it to be over. For a few months now, we’ve been sitting comfortably at this crossroads between poorly thought-out stories and boring stories. Things don’t seem to be getting better but I do still think there’s potential here to finish strong. Hopefully, Tini Howard proves me right.

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