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Catwoman #59

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Based on 11 critic ratings.

“Nine Lives” part one.

The Catwoman we know has vanished. Selina Kyle is gone. She’s no longer Gotham’s fugitive-she’s its ghost.

After the events of “The Gotham War,” Selina leaves the city a forever-changed woman with a plan: nine deadly missions, each one set aside for their certain lethality-only possible for a cat with nine lives.

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Batman on Film

    I’ve been restless on this book lately, but this issue has reinvigorated my anticipation for the title. Catwoman’s limited immortality may be too far of a stretch for some, but given that it stems from the recent Vandal Savage story, and that Batman’s world is already full of similar resurrections, like the al Ghul family, it doesn’t feel out of place. Catwoman can still die and be injured, but the premise allows the reader to have some fun along the way as she places herself in even greater peril and danger than she wouldn’t have tried before. Paired with some captivating art, I was engrossed with this entire issue and sad that the ride had to end. More of this, please!

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Catwoman #59 starts DC’s greatest thief in a race against time and a magical mystery. This storyline sets her on a journey across the world now that the things tying her to Gotham have been reconciled. She could go anywhere and do anything, and this reviewer is confident that this stellar creative team will handle whatever happens next phenomenally well.

  • 86

    The Batman Universe

    Catwoman #59 introduces an interesting story concept. Selina Kyle appears to be given a chance to close the loose ends in her life, but it definitely comes at a cost.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    This is a fast-paced, pulpy issue that calls back to Selina’s classic adventures. While it’s a lot faster-paced than the previous arcs, it almost rushes through some events and setup.

  • 76

    Comic Watch

    With Catwoman once again taking off from Gotham, the character returns to an unpredictable wildness that is difficult to pinpoint, making for great stories. Catwoman #59 shows Selina Kyle at her most philosophical, making for some of the best comic book dialogie I’ve read in a while.

  • 75


    This issue was a pleasant surprise after giving such low scores to Howard’s Gotham War segments. The art is attractive and stylistically suits my idea of Catwoman though it isn’t always as consistent as I’d like. Meanwhile, the writing was enjoyable but rather slight. The new status quo has my attention as well so, all in all, I’d say I’m excited to see what the next issues have in store for me. Because I haven’t had positive experiences with Tini Howard’s writing before I’m still cautious but as of now, I’m going to recommend giving this story a try!

  • 70

    With “Gotham War” now in the past, Catwoman is sent down a path that’s filled with potential, even at its most dated. Selina’s exploration of her “nine lives” begins to unfold in a matter that perfectly blends the book’s capacity for grounded and larger-than-life, and Tini Howard’s script venturing out of Gotham City is a welcomed change of pace. The art from Stefano Raffaele is largely well-executed, especially where the action is occured, even if there is a fair amount of focus on characters’ backsides. Here’s hoping the “Nine Lives” arc only gets even better from here.

  • 60

    Get Your Comic On

    A story which feels like a classic Catwoman adventure in the making. A new era starts with a wonderful nod to Selina’s past to an exciting glimpse in to her future.

  • 60


    Flashbacks fill in some of the missing time from Selina’s apparent death and return which appears to be from the extra lives promised to her by Vandal Savage. Along with an odd tattoo, these lives provide Catwoman a chance to push the limits further than she ever has before with death not to be feared. While allowing the character to head in new directions, the concept is more than a little odd, especially with this The Cat Goddess lurking on the other side of the veil. In just the first of several planned suicide missions Selina dies, but I don’t think the story adequately sells Selina’s need to die in this story which I fear may be an issue going forward as well.

  • 40

    Derby Comics

    What the heck was this? Catwoman lived through the end of Gotham War, which itself isn’t surprising but the way it was handled in this issue (i.e. full-speed ahead without more than a passing reference to Vandal Savage) makes it seem like the DC Editors realized how bad the event was and wanted to distance themselves from it as fast as possible. Not that the start to Selina’s next arc was much better. Howard’s set up for this new story was extremely rushed with pieces being taped together when a reasoning was needed for a specific part of the plot. Nothing made sense, from the literal cat burglary to Selina’s new scars. A chaotic start to a series that badly needs a strong arc to recalibrate things sooner rather than later.

  • 25

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Catwoman #59 answers the question of what happened to Selina at the end of the Gotham War and the answer is downright hilarious! Tini Howard seems intent on proving that she has no clue what makes Catwoman a great character and I don’t think any Nine Lives power will be enough to save Selina or her fans!

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