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Catwoman #56

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

What’s the saying-two cats are better than one? Unless you’re in Gotham and the two Cats in question disagree on how the city should be run. With Selina freshly out of jail, Eiko Hasigawa has some unfinished business as Catwoman that Selina confronts her about. Meanwhile, Selina has some unfinished business of her own…and pays a visit her sister, Maggie.

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27 pages
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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85


    Months of struggle and pain come to a conclusion as ‘Catwoman’ finishes out one major story beat in order to prepare for what comes next. A mostly solid issue wraps up various plotlines with some well-crafted action pieces. The series is still searching for an artistic identity but is doing well in the meantime.

  • 80

    Before “Knight Terrors” and the “Gotham War” wreak havoc across Selina’s life, this issue serves as an intriguing, but still slightly-cluttered, culmination. Selina, Eiko, and company’s fight against Black Mask and the rest of the Gotham underworld unfolds with a fair amount of style, but still a sense that the story is far from over. Tini Howard’s script excels when it definitely needs it to, and Marcus To’s art lends itself to some genuinely clever fight scenes.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    This series has done some good things with Superboy’s characterization, as the first Super-sidekick feels like he’s been displaced by the arrival of Supergirl, Jon, and the Super-Twins and is seeking his own place to make a difference. That’s led him to the Cosmoteers, a rough-around the edges group of teenage renegades fighting against space corruption and a particularly sadistic Dominator reject looking to take command of the empire. The action scenes are a lot of fun, with Superboy using some powers and techniques he hasn’t in a long time. The biggest ongoing plot thread is Superboy’s difficult relationship with the leader of the Cosmoteers, Travv, who seems to be the only one not warming up to him. There’s a good reveal about exactly why that is this issue, but it’s soon undercut by a rather shocking reveal that brings in some major players from around the DCU—and may just put Superboy in the crosshairs.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    With an ending, there’s invariably a new beginning, this issue leaves us very eager to imagine what can happen next. Catwoman #56 is a strong place for new readers to enter the title, as it shows Selina as she is now. She’s bringing her regime to Gotham’s underbelly but with peaceful intent.

    However, there will be one big presence who may not agree. Readers have much to be excited about coming very soon.

  • 65


    Catwoman #56 is an exciting ending to an arc with some troubling implications. Selina’s goal to shift the power balance in Gotham is intriguing, but playing nice with the likes of Black Mask is a big pill to swallow. The switch to two new artists is a shame for consistency’s sake, but both Marcus To and Marco Santucci turn in solid art, aided greatly by Veronica Gandini’s colors. Tini Howard’s script leaves a good amount of dangling plot threads, but Selina’s mission is clear and the sense of self-loathing over Valmont appears to finally be dissipating.

  • 60

    You Don't Read Comics

    Howard and company submerge Catwoman in a complex underworld that would probably fit better on the page if every character had the time and space to develop a little more than they do. It would be nice to see Howard have the opportunity to do this, as she clearly has meticulously worked out a very complex interconnected drama that might have a great impact under the right circumstances.

  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    Like Batman #136, this issue serves as a sort of transition between the previous arcs and the upcoming Gotham War crossover. However, unlike Zdarsky’s piece, Tini Howard’s piece is much, much messier in its attempt to wrap things up enough and set the stage for the conflict between Batman and Catwoman, not helped by the awkward blending of multiple art teams.

  • 60

    Batman on Film

    Catwoman #56 offers quite a few resolutions but somehow falls short of being entirely fulfilling. Maybe my anticipation for the crossover with Batman is getting to me, but I am ready to move on from Catwoman’s time in prison and this turf war that’s not reflected in other Bat titles.

  • 25

    Weird Science DC Comics

    This book sucks! It feels like Tini Howard is trying desperately to make sense of her overly convoluted narrative and is sinking fast. Hopefully, Chip Zdarsky can save her and this book once we get to the Gotham War, but there is a greater possibility that this garbage stinks up the whole joint. The art isn’t as good as Nico Leon’s, but everything besides the art makes this one of the worst books at DC Comics right now, so who cares?!? Looking at the sales numbers… not many people!

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