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Catwoman #51

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Never cage her. Never chain her. Never ty and keep her down.

After the explosive events in Alleytown… the Cat wants out.

But with Selina Kyle locked up while under investigation for murder, there still has to be a Catwoman on the streets of Gotham to keep the mob families behaving under the Cat’s claws…it’s a good thing Eiko Hasigawa has a Catwoman costume in the back of her closet that’s just waiting to be put on again!

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Get Your Comic On

    For me this issue was faultless. An empowering story which is taking the Catwoman character to new heights, the creative team have come together to create a masterpiece and that’s what they have done.
  • 96

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 90


    Not even bars can keep Selina Kyle down, as ‘Catwoman’ enters a whole new phase for the title character and her supporting cast putting them in a whole new dynamic. No matter the setting the series keeps its character-focused head up and presents a colorful gorgeous fun time that speaks to so many things.
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Howard’s run seems to be returning Selina firmly into the role of an antihero instead of a hero, and this issue is a good step towards cementing her as Gotham’s queenpin again.
  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Catwoman #51 gives us the start of a jailbird story we can expect following those last few events. A new arc gives us new opportunities, and we can only imagine what will happen to Selina next.
  • 60

    This new chapter for Catwoman—with Selina behind bars and Eiko patrolling around Gotham in the mantle—gets off to a good, but overcomplicated, start. Tini Howard's script offers some small moments that add a compelling layer to Selina's story, but don't make them engrossing enough in the long-term, all while Eiko's journey is basically a footnote. Sami Basri's art adds a necessary liveliness, but gets overcome by awkward and unflattering facial expressions. I'm still excited to see what the future holds for this Catwoman run, but I'm not being captivated in the immediate.
  • 60

    You Don't Read Comics

    With the initial set-up out of the way, Howard and Basri could easily develop into something more sophisticated in future issues. Having hit rock bottom, Kyle has a long way to go before she can really get a handle on where her life is going. It’s an opportunity for Howard to define Catwoman from the ground up if she’s willing to try. It may be a fairly shaky start, but there’s no question that things could go in a fascinating direction in the issues to come.
  • 60

    Batman on Film

    I think I still need some time to sit with this. It’s not a bad issue by any means, but I am still trying to wrap my brain around why Catwoman killed Valmont and how…common she seems as a prisoner. This is CATWOMAN! Where’s the respect? This whole shift still feels to me like it came out of nowhere and I need to read the next issue or two to see what the plan is here. There are some insights into Selena’s past and I love seeing her ingenuity, but I remain skeptical about these developments.
  • 50

    The Batman Universe

    After an incoherent but at least action-packed and eventful fiftieth issue, Tini Howard, joined by excellent guest artist Sami Basri, turns in a "first day back in prison" issue that takes a nap on a bed of cliches and implausibilities.
  • 45


    Catwoman #51 delivers a routine prison oriented story with no surprises and more than a few questionable choices. If you're in the mood to watch Selina sleepwalk her way to stealing commissary snacks, then this issue delivers the goods. For almost everyone else, the series makes no forward strides in bringing in new readers and offers little for longtime fans to look forward to.

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