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Catwoman #49

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

You can take Gotham out of the cat, but you can’t take the cat out of Gotham.

With some of Catwoman’s power structures collapsed again, a clan of clowns has invaded Alleytown and Selina must use her power to handle things safely… without bringing more violence and crime into the area she loves and swears to protect.

But when that fails, Selina realizes she’s going to have to fight fire with fire once and for all.

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Batman on Film

    With each month, Catwoman is a book I am finding myself more and more invested in. Perhaps the solicits and covers don’t quite match up with the issue’s contents, but there is some quality storytelling and rousing action. The trip down to Alleytown may be dangerous, but it’s worth it!
  • 90


    Things get a lot more complicated and even more allies and enemies are brought onto the playing field as ‘Catwoman’ continues to delve deep into the character and escalate her war on the mob elements plaguing Gotham City. A handful of solid action scenes accompany a really interesting character-heavy issue that addresses a lot of what Catwoman is going through as she tries to have her foot in numerous worlds at the same time.
  • 80

    Geek Dad

    This issue is sort of the calm before the storm, as Selina returns to Gotham to rescue Dario from his treacherous lover. The first part of the issue is a high-speed car chase, mostly played for laughs, and once Dario is safe, Selina tries to find out exactly what’s become of her old neighborhood Alleytown. It’s been taken over by Punchline as her own private drug den, and while the issue makes it look like a big showdown between Catwoman and Punchline, it seems that will wait for another issue—Selina only encounters some henchmen this issue, including one old friend of hers who is going down a bad path. And that’s really what this issue is—catching up with old friends and frenemies. Batman, Eiko Hasigawa, and Valmont all make appearances as Selina puts her team together for the big 50th-issue showdown, and this continues to be an entertaining series overall.
  • 80

    Like the vast majority of issues that have preceded it, this Catwoman run is finding clever ways to surprise. This week's issue puts a lot of Selina's past, present, and future into the forefront, with Tini Howard's moving forward at a breakneck speed, while still managing to ruminate on some genuinely compelling parts of Selina's character. When you combine that with Nico Leon's slinky artwork, Catwoman delivers another delightful issue – as well as a promising story on the horizon.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 75


    Catwoman #49 manages to rectify some lingering problems in the series by digging into the character’s roots rather than trying to upend them. Nico Leon’s pencils are back to their high quality, with a truly great opening car chase. Meanwhile, Howard delivers some of the best dialogue of the run as she tracks Selina’s thoughts about Bruce and love in general across several scenes. The overarching narrative is still the weak link, but Howard demonstrates a good understanding of what makes Selina an appealing character and gives Bat/Cat fans some hope for their future.
  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Catwoman #49 brings a welcome roller coaster that shows our hero handling a new, looming threat in Gotham by rallying the many new faces this title has treated us all with. We get stunning action and realistic development paying off from many issues past, all in a well-rounded story.
  • 50

    The Batman Universe

    Odd choices, strangely altered plot expectations, and frustrating relationship dynamics make up this hodge-podge of a comic.

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