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Catwoman #25

Selina wakes up and discovers a fire in the distance. She calls Slam and they learn that a store owner named Jackie Dillon was killed by the new mob. Jackie’s son, Denny, was involved in drug dealing and the mob murdered him and burned down the store. Catwoman rescues Denny from a drug house with the help of Holly. Detective Farrucci gives Slam a lead on three individuals connected to Junior Galante, suggesting a bigger scheme at play.

Selina decides to target Galante’s finances and steals money from a trash truck, burning the rest to discourage his activities in the East End. Meanwhile, Penguin informs the mobsters that he warned Galante about the difficulties of taking over the East End. Galante reveals he has big plans and is bringing in a specialist.

A police truck transporting Zeiss makes a stop, and Zeiss kills the officer after being let out, taking the getaway car.

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Kindle Edition
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24 pages
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