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Catwoman #54

Catwoman is captivated by the Casanova Canary, a giant yellow diamond displayed at the museum. She steals the diamond but later returns it, feeling it was too easily attainable. She realizes the diamond is actually hers and decides to take better care of it than the museum. She repeatedly steals and returns the diamond, outsmarting various security systems.

The museum’s curator, Colvin, suggests giving in to Catwoman and collecting the insurance, but Kalowski, the security supervisor, disagrees. Two-Ham Sam offers his gang’s security services, and Catwoman encounters them during her next heist. They shoot up the museum, and Catwoman fights back, but the diamond goes missing again.

Catwoman discovers that Colvin stole the diamond during the chaos. She confronts him and learns that he has been raising the insurance value on the diamond by orchestrating thefts. Catwoman blackmails Colvin, forcing him to maintain a high-security system and suffer financially to keep the diamond safe.

In the end, Catwoman leaves with a warning to Colvin, ensuring that as long as he continues to suffer for the diamond’s security, she will keep it at the museum.

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