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Catwoman #4 (of 4)

At Bruzinsky’s Theatre, the Gotham City Police Department investigates the death of Stan the pimp, who fell from the scaffolding. Detective George Flannery believes Stan was accompanied by Sister Magdalene, but she is missing. Flannery encounters Holly Robinson, a friend of Selina Kyle, and learns about Selina’s involvement. Batman and Sister Magdalene observe the crime scene, but Magdalene avoids discussing Catwoman. Selina meets her sister, who shows no outrage, explaining she has moved on.

Holly, badly beaten, reveals Captain Strunk as the culprit. Selina accuses Strunk to Flannery, who doubts it due to Strunk’s good reputation. Selina sneaks into Holly’s room and retrieves her catsuit. Magdalene questions Selina’s priorities, and Selina leaves, hissing in anger. Batman speaks to Magdalene and promises to bring Strunk to justice.

Batman interrupts Catwoman’s attack on Strunk and convinces her to pursue justice through legal means. Catwoman kisses and scratches Batman before fleeing. Holly prepares for school, knowing Selina won’t return. Catwoman watches over her family from a rooftop.

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