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Catwoman #2 (of 4)

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, confronts her pimp, Stan, in an alley. She overpowers him and warns him not to harm her.

Sister Magdalene sees Selina’s face and believes she is her long-lost sister. Magdalene seeks help from Detective Flannery, but he dismisses her claims. Undeterred, Magdalene takes matters into her own hands and searches for her sister.

Meanwhile, Stan plans to kill Selina. Magdalene shows a photo of her sister to prostitutes and encounters Holly Robinson, who informs Selina about Magdalene’s search. Ignoring Holly’s warning, Selina embarks on her first burglary. Stan overhears Magdalene’s interaction with Flannery and realizes the connection between her and Selina.

Selina reunites with Magdalene, revealing their father’s death. However, Stan lurks in the alley, threatening Magdalene. Detective Flannery seeks Ted Grant’s help in finding Selina.

Later, Flannery visits Selina, looking for Magdalene. Selina denies knowledge of her, feeling responsible for their predicament. She disguises herself and becomes a prostitute to locate Stan. Selina learns Stan’s location from a client, Jefferson Skeevers. As she prepares to confront Stan, she receives a threatening call from him. Meanwhile, Stan mocks and restrains Magdalene.

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