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Cat Fight #5 (of 5)

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Wait… Schrodinger is WHO?!

When Schrodinger’s identity is revealed in a deadly quest for revenge against Felix’s grandmother, he realizes that his nemesis is out for blood… and more!

Will Felix keep to his selfish ways and look out only for himself and his grandmother’s priceless Red Rosette?

Do cats really have nine lives?

The members of Kitty’s Kit Cat Crime Syndicate are about to find out… for better or worse…

Don’t miss out on the double-issue finale to the Cat Fight series!

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47 pages
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    After a major twist in Cat Fight #4, I wasn’t quite prepared for another one in issue #5. That surprise shakes things up quite a bit, but even without that shock value, Cat Fight #5 keeps your attention and expertly wields the element of surprise in other ways. Writer Andrew Wheeler is especially adept at swerving at just the right moment, and even when a story beat does land with an expected outcome, the journey towards that outcome rarely lines up with any preconceived notions. The latter half of the issue leans into the spy craft of it all, and that’s where the series always shines. That’s also thanks to the dynamite team of artist Ilias Kyriazis, colorist Dennis Yatras, and inker Auguste Kanakis, who immerse you in vibrant and lively locations throughout, but know how to land a thrilling close quarters brawl when things descend into chaos. Cat Fight’s vintage spy thrills and constant surprises has been a highlight of this year’s pull list, and hopefully the ending will bring this adventure to a satisfying close.

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