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Carnage Reigns Omega #1

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“CARNAGE REIGNS” – Conclusion!

Cletus Kasady finally gets what he’s been after and unlocks new and terrifying possibilities with his Extrembiote armor – and sets the stage for the next VENOM epic! Miles Morales can call in all the backup he wants – but don’t he and his super-hero pals get it yet?!


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    You Don't Read Comics

    The action hits the issue in the first couple of pages and doesn’t really let up for the entire length of the book. There’s a kind of purity in that. Morales’s adjustment to the armor Stark has made for him is a fun addition to a story that features Stark doing something a bit more challenging than he is often called upon to do. Everyone seems to be reaching just a bit further than they normally would, which ends up being a lot of fun.

  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Carnage Reigns: Omega #1 is an epic conclusion. Whilst this crossover has run through various titles, the figures that have been at the forefront of the whole storyline are those that are still standing in this finale. To keep this momentum going and stay fresh and energised is extremely impressive, aided by a new inclusion in every chapter. It has felt strange having a title named after Carnage when that Symbiote never features, but it is understandable given that it creates an umbrella term for a series of crossovers.

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    Carnage Reigns: Omega gives you pretty much everything you’d want from a big, bombastic Spider-Man crossover event: loads of action, tons of characters quipping back and forth, and a wholesome wrap-up for our hero. Every thread involving Cletus Kasady has been wrapped up (for the most part), clearing the deck for Web of Carnage and Death of the Venomverse to launch soon. We also finally bid farewell to one of Carnage‘s major supporting characters, but they remind us in their last moments that the horror is far from over. Carnage’s self-titled series has followed a strange path over the past 14-issues-and-change, but it’s clear that the fun is just beginning.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    The actual center of the issue’s conflict may not be terribly interesting, but Sam Wilson is, in and of himself, more than enough to carry the bulk of the book straight through. There’s a strong and palpable sense of inner conflict that could easily be the center of everything. That psychological connection between character and reader is often a lot more difficult to achieve than a fully engaging action conflict, so Onyebuchi is doing a solidly respectable job with the title.

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    Comic Watch

    Carnage Reigns caps off this energetic and explosive battle with a hero team-up that provides the most endearing portrayal of Iron Man and Miles Morales in a while, making them a duo that readers will undoubtedly want to see more of in the future.

  • 60

    Carnage Reigns: Omega performs the difficult work of tying together a crossover event between three distinct series and its own sweeping plot. The issue primarily consists of a team up between Miles Morales and Tony Stark with the two heroes explaining the final steps in their quest to defeat Cletus Kasady and his new tech-infused powers. Although there is some space carved out to resolve sub-plots—Red Goblin’s unique contributions, the fate of Cletus’ protege Kenneth, and rogue Iron Man suits—they’re rushed in a few pages and fail to provide a satisfying end cap for some of 2023’s most surprising characters and series. As a conclusion, this issue delivers on the action and provides what’s necessary for those drawn in from Red Goblin or Carnage, but ultimately reads like a detour. Yet the stage setting that occurs as references are made to the Carnage now roving the multiverse, it’s clear that this oddball collection of comics still has a long way to go. If “Carnage Reigns” is a detour on the journey, then this set of symbiote-infused series ought to remain a mainstay read for those who have discovered their surprisingly high bar of quality.

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