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Carnage #7

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Based on 2 critic ratings.

Liz Allan makes a discovery that changes the symbiote balance of power!

Flash and Cletus are both armed with surprising weapons!

Carnage’s followers take their fight IRL, but Cletus begins to question his godliness.

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18 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Watch

    Carnage #7 comes out swinging with a fun action sequence that never lets up. Flash Thompson‘s sour luck doesn’t change, but he does gain some new allies in this increasingly tense battle.

  • 60

    Carnage #7 brings the prolonged game of cat and mouse between Carnage and Flash Thompson to a head as the two return from the Darkforce dimension and fight it out. It goes the way these things usually do, with the symbiotes clawing at each other until one gets the upper hand. The issue has several competently done two-page spreads that make this issue feel like a climax to the more methodically paced installments that preceded it. A clever representation of black metal singing by the letterer is a nice touch. The script injects some pathos into the story as Flash, on the brink of death, finally finds his pride. Conversely, the secondary plot involving Liz Allen feels like a deus ex machina and like it’s come out of nowhere unless readers have been keeping up with other developments in the symbiote corner of the Marvel Universe, not for the first time. It’s a solid enough issue that picks up the pace but can’t shake off all the problems plaguing the series.

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