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Carnage #5

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Following the events of VENOM #31, Carnage has Dylan. But is Dylan just bait for Eddie, the King in Black himself? Time for some bloody brother bonding!

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    “Symbiosis Necrosis” creeps along in its second chapter as Carnage confronts Dylan Brock in a showdown largely defined by Cletus Kasady’s internal monologue comprised of interminable philosophizing over death, art, and children. It may be no surprise that Carnage’s conception of their role is ultimately so shallow, but it makes for a poor reading experience as that shallowness reveals little else. Every character they encounter not deeply rooted in Marvel Comics lore is dead within a few panels and the endless array of severed heads and limbs quickly grows dull. Even when a splash page delivers a wide array of simultaneous vivisections and broken forms, it’s easy to wonder what the purpose of all that carnage is. Only the final page drawing Carnage into the much more engaging realms and concepts of the current Venom run offers a glimmer of hope that “Symbiosis Necrosis” will summon more than the most overdone symbiote tropes available.

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