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Carnage #8

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The Carnage symbiote traveled to Asgardian Hel with a very specific mission on its mind: reaching Malekith the Accursed!

But To What End?

What could the symbiote be trying to get out of the fallen lord of the Dark Elves?

And what hell will be unleashed on the Marvel Universe in this issue once it succeeds?!

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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    While previous issues have not shied away from gore and disturbing imagery, Carnage #8 fully embraces the conventions of the horror genre for the first time and to great effect.
  • 70

    Carnage goes in a much different direction than I was expecting with the beginning of this new arc. Following the titular symbiote's recent adventure into the Norse world, issue #8 sets the stage for this series to go in some very different directions. And while I'm still not sure what to make of everything just yet, I remain greatly intrigued by what writer Ram V is looking to do with Carnage next.

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