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Carnage #14

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As Cletus Kasady’s hunger has grown, so has his ambition. With a certain wall-crawling hero dead in his wake.

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  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Carnage #14 is another great view from the villain’s side of the story. Even with more heroes and other costumed characters wading in, the focus of this issue is the man pulling all the strings. It is confusing, considering that there is no Carnage in this book, but his former host is still the star of the show. He is put up against some different opposition and how that fight unfolds is some of the best action of the crossover so far, before changing the dynamic of the problem yet again.

  • 74

    Comic Watch

    Carnage #14 piles more and more complexity onto the raging street battle between Cletus Kasady and Brooklyn’s own Spider-Man, but with the comic’s other, more intriguing plotline put on hold, it can’t help but feel like Carnage Reigns is a detour that has gone on a little too long.

  • 70


    This is another solid middle chapter for “Carnage Reigns.” It works as a nice recap and punch-em-up, while also reminding us of the danger that still awaits the universe, even after all of this is wrapped up. Because hey, isn’t there still an all-powerful Carnage, just rampaging through the cosmos somewhere?

  • 50

    I liked Carnage more before the “Carnage Reigns” storyline kicked off. Because this has now become a major event series across the Marvel universe, some of the tighter, character-focused storytelling that was previously seen in Carnage has completely fallen by the wayside. Instead, issue #14 (and part 5 of Carnage Reigns) proves to be chaotic and messy in all of the worst ways. I’m hoping that once “Carnage Reigns” wraps up it will allow this series to get back on track to what I once enjoyed it for, but I have major doubts of that being the case.

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