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Carnage #13

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Returning to and fortifying his underground stronghold from the days of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, Cletus Kasady sets his sights on even greater and gorier heights as Extremis demands blood!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    But Why Tho?

    Carnage #13 raises the level of the crossover even further. Passing the ball to the villain, Paknadel embraces a new form of horror within the world of Carnage. Still bloodthirsty and Symbiotic in nature, using armor and technology to deal death and cause havoc. It’s an avenue that neither Carnage nor Marvel has explored much in the past but is executed terrifically in this issue.

  • 85


    Overall, while this arc has occasionally felt a bit like a detour in the overall grand Carnage plan, this issue was a great deal of fun. “Carnage Reigns” is finally leading into something bigger and wilder than I could have expected, and I’m excited to see where this creative team takes Cletus and Kenneth next — and how Miles can possibly turn the tide after this issue’s wild ending!

  • 80

    Carnage #13 walks the tightrope of a mid-chapter tie-in issue in near-perfect fashion. Readers invested primarily in this series get to see its core characters receive crucial steps of development, while those characters are gracefully introduced to any readers invested solely in “Carnage Reigns.” Regardless, Carnage #13 provides a rapidly expanding scope that builds upon both ongoing stories and delivers a frightening cliffhanger by issue’s end. There is a lot happening and not all threads receive equal focus, but the climactic battle stuffed with “heroic” enforcers alongside Miles Morales and Scorpion makes for a gnarly prelude to Cletus Kasady’s horrifying new incarnation. Each chapter is told with the familiar style of this series blending terrible reality and metaphorical fictions tied to the Symbiote mythos. It’s all a good bit of fun and promises bigger things ahead for both Carnage and “Carnage Reigns.”

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    While Carnage’s journey has delved into the realm of fantasy, his former host Cletus has taken a path towards science-fiction, providing a nice change of tone and scenery that makes Carnage #13 feel reinvigorating.

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