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Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #5 (of 5)

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Nada’s corrupting influence spreads! The FERAL FIVE and NITRO stand ready to invade Earth and blast it back to the Stone Age – they just have to get rid of its peskiest hero first. Carol Danvers is used to taking any hit that comes her way. She’s always stood right back up. Sure, she could CRUSH the Feral Five, but they’re just kids. Kids with the right to have powers too.

It’s an epic battle of good vs. evil as the Captain races to save her home planet from a power she can barely fight at all!

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    Nocenti and team have delivered us a wild ride. They definitely created a powerhouse duo in Nada and Nitro, giving us a villain that can take down Captain Marvel and another who can cripple mankind without needing to launch a Thanos style war. The introduction of the Feral Five has been intriguing to watch these new characters develop and come into their powers. They are on a delicate balancing act that can tip the scales into being heroes or villains. While this is the end of this chapter, I am expecting to see new story arcs form around these new characters. Thank you, Ann & Paolo for bringing to life some fresh faces and taking us on this exhilarating adventure with Earth’s Mightiest Hero. If you want more Captain Marvel, check out her glam up and new storyline from Alyssa Wong.

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    It feels like kismet that this final issue is arriving on the same week as The Marvels’ debut in theaters because that film will surely provide Carol Danvers fans with a markedly better story. As with the issues that preceded it, this issue is filled with empty, aggrivating platitudes, and art that is visually-cluttered (when it isn’t homaging other, better Marvel comics). Overall, I am so thankful that this series is now over.

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