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Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #3 (of 5)

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The villainous duet of NADA and NITRO are out to make a choir – by recruiting Captain Marvel’s furious teenage charges! Gifted with incredible dark powers, the Feral Five – siblings Zen, Zane and Zaka, and their intrepid leaders Keziah and Blake – are suddenly finding Nada’s world-ending visions a lot more appealing than Carol Danvers’ goody-two-shoes hero style. Trapped on an alien planet with the man who killed her namesake and besieged by the very people she came to help, has Carol Danvers finally met her match?

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    Nocenti is gearing Captain Marvel up to have an epic showdown with Nada and Nitro. Add in needing to find a way to cure the Feral Five and there is a lot of anticipated action left to come in the last two installments of the Dark Tempest story arc. Ann and her team of amazing artists have left us on the edge of our seats wondering if Captain Marvel has what it takes to prevent the Earth from being knocked into a new stone age.

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    Despite the general conceit of this series having potential, this issue is an aggravating chapter in Carol Danves’ comic story. Ann Nocenti’s dialogue is patronizing at a few too many places, both between Carol and the other protagonists and between the book and its readership. The awkward dialogue is only slightly improved by Paolo Villanelli’s art, but it also gets cluttered and disappointing as the issue goes along. This far in, I’m still not entirely sure what the selling point is for Dark Tempest, and that’s a problem.

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