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Captain Marvel #5

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REVELATIONS IN THE WINGS! Who are the Undone, and what do they want with Captain Marvel? Their worlds already intersect more than the Captain knows… And if that’s stressing Carol out, “tense” takes on a whole new meaning when Yuna Yang drags her along for a family visit! Mysteries unravel in Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua’s hottest issue yet!

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    The bond between Carol and Yuna has steadily coalesced over the past few issues, but it truly comes into its own in Captain Marvel #5, and Captain Marvel’s world is all the better because of it. Amidst all the mystical chaos, writer Alyssa Wong delivers one of my favorite sequences of the series thus far. Around halfway through the issue Carol meets Yuna’s family, and it’s simply delightful in every way. Not only does this move the plot forward, but it’s the perfect lighthearted balance to the bigger stakes of the grander story, and yet it manages to also deliver a lovely and impactful emotional moment for Yuna and Carol that will leave a lasting impression. Also worthy of praise is the stellar team of artist Jan Bazaldua, colorist Bryan Valenza, and letterer Ariana Maher, who pivot effortlessly from sweeping magical action sequences to a banter-filled conversation at the dinner table that is no less captivating. There’s still plenty of questions regarding The Omen, but as long as Carol and Yuna are in the spotlight , this series will continue to soar.

  • 90


    The ties that bind us are often the greatest weapon enemies can take advantage of, which has become quite clear in Captain Marvel #5. This character-rich series has explored so much in its young life and continues that trend here with an emotional, relationship-building, and roller coaster ride of an issue.

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